Acknowledging World Continence Week

World Continence Week raises awareness for the 400 million people around the world who experience incontinence, with a focus on open, effective communication and support.

Acknowledging World Continence Week

World Continence Week raises awareness for the 400 million people around the world who experience incontinence, with a focus on open, effective communication and support.

World Continence Week is an annual initiative that’s aimed at raising awareness about incontinence related issues. With incontinence affecting an estimated 400 million people around the world, World Continence Week is all about highlighting the importance of open, effective communication and support around continence management.

If you or a loved one is experiencing incontinence, understanding how you can simplify its management is a powerful step towards building normality and confidence into everyday life. This World Continence Day, here are our top three tips for approaching continence management with ease and comfort.

1. Provide love and support

When family members are assisting their loved ones with incontinence, providing love and support is important. Admitting that there is an issue and that it might be difficult at times is a great place to start. By being open with your discussions, around the continence management process, you can remind your loved one that incontinence affects millions of people on a daily basis - they’re not alone, and while incontinence is not normal, they can and will be well supported in this moment of transition.

Focus on keeping communication open with your loved one as you work together to battle the challengers and find a way forward. There may be trial and error as you identify the product that works best, but remember to keep checking in. Help them to feel comfortable and confident and nurture greater ease and comfort back into their daily lives.

2. Build confidence around incontinence

Incontinence doesn’t need to be a cause for you to be troubled or worried. There’s a wide range of reasons people may experience incontinence, including pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, chronic disease, ageing or illness. As incontinence is a part of daily life for so many, building confidence about how to manage it is crucial for the individual and their loved ones alike.

You can find greater confidence by using the highest quality continence management products; rest in the security and peace of mind they offer. Seek a product that is not only comfortable, but practical and high-quality. There are many different styles, and we advise you try different styles until you get the perfect match. Remember sometimes you may feel more secure with a different product for day and night.

Continence management products should be personal. Look for your products from a supplier who can discuss your needs. Sadly, at supermarkets there is no one to offer advice and guidance Ensure you have the correct size. Some people go up a size because they feel it will offer more absorbency, sadly if a product is too large, this can lead to leakage.

3. Simplify your shopping experience

Incontinence management can be dramatically improved by using high-quality products that are thoughtfully designed for a wide range of continence needs. Some of the pain points of finding these products include purchasing products that don’t fit or work as expected or purchasing products in person at a supermarket or chemist without any specialist support. By finding solutions to these pain points, you can simplify the process of daily continence management.

We advise you to think about the style your loved one likes, their size, the mobility of the wearer, their dexterity and most of all the level of absorbency required.

ConfidenceClub’s commitment to the best, for our customers is why our ‘It Fits Or It’s Free’ guarantee can resolve these frustrations. With discreet home delivery, shopping around for ill-fitting continence management products is a thing of the past. Spend more time focused on doing the things you love and less on continence management, because we all deserve to live our best life, with confidence.

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