Booster Pads

Booster pads are designed to add absorbency to incontinence pads such as pull-ups and all-in-one wraparounds (nappy or diaper style). They work by attaching via an adhesive strip to the inside of the pull-up or wrap. They are designed without the typical non-porous back-sheet that prevents leakage in other incontinence pads, so that urine can pass through and be absorbed by the outer incontinence aids. In this way the booster pad shares the absorbency role with the outer continence management aid. Generally a booster pad is recommended for when you've decided on your preferred bladder control continence management product - it fits well and performs well for general use - however you have a special need for boosting the absorbency in specific situations; say when you're out in public, at an event that makes ready access to a toilet challenging, or for night time use where it can be several hours before toileting again. Due to its porous nature, urine will pass through, therefore this product should not be used on it's own. Similarly a regular incontinence pad should not be used inside a pullup or diaper because this will not utilise the absorbency of the outer continence aid; when it has reached capacity it will leak around the sides and you risk urine leakage particularly around the legs.
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