It Fits Or It's Free

Over 50% of people who try continence products have to buy multiple products to find one that’s right for them. With our new Money Back Guarantee, we’re simplifying the hunt.

It Fits Or It's Free

Over 50% of people who try continence products have to buy multiple products to find one that’s right for them. With our new Money Back Guarantee, we’re simplifying the hunt.

If over 50% of customers in your industry had a problem with a product or service, wouldn’t you try to fix it?

That’s exactly what motivated ConfidenceClub to offer our new Money Back Guarantee: ‘It Fits Or It’s Free.’ Over 50% of respondents to our research stated that they’d tried one or more products that weren’t right for them before finding a continence product that suited them.

That statistic doesn’t sit right with us, so we’ve identified a way to solve a huge gap in the market and provide a service that can make all the difference.

Why is it so hard to get help?

We have done the research and spoken to over 3,000 continence customers.
 75% of respondents stated that ‘no one helped them choose the right products.

This has a detrimental effect on the quality of continence management products provided to the individual wearer, making it even harder to find something that works. Since managing incontinence is confronting on its own, we believe that accessing high-quality, secure and comfortable products should be a stress-free process.

We are committed to providing the best continence management solutions for people of all ages and needs. It’s why we invest in industry research that’s focused on delivering the best experience for carers and wearers of incontinence products.

ConfidenceClub Difference

Co-founder of ConfidenceClub Gavin Basserabie says, “I can’t understand why this isn’t the standard service level for someone looking for a continence management product. This level of “old-fashioned service” has become outdated as most retailers forget the reason they exist - to serve their customers, and meet, or exceed, their needs.”

Our person-centered approach makes all the difference. Contact us to set up a free consultation so our product specialists can simplify your continence management process.

The pain of buying the wrong products

Buying the wrong product is not only expensive, but it’s also inconvenient. This can lead to a cycle of returning to the store, only to try something else - potentially multiple times before finding the right fit.

After all, there’s no one in the supermarket who’s trained to advise you on the best fit for you or your loved one’s needs. Even in a pharmacy, you’re likely to be pointed to the right shelf, rather than to the specific product suited to your needs.

Sadly, opened packets can't be returned nor can open cartons if a pack has been opened or the carton has any damage.

How we got to work

As we evaluated this problem, we knew we needed to find a solution that aligned with the ConfidenceClub mission. We needed to eliminate the burden of managing incontinence through products and experiences that are easy and positive.

The gap in the market was obvious for a retail brand that truly understands each client’s needs and budget, finding a product to suit.

Once we understood the size of the problem, we got to work.

Our easy, user-focused solution

Our mantra is that nobody should pay for products that don’t serve their needs. That’s why we offer a new Money Back Guarantee: ‘It Fits Or It’s Free’.

We serve our customers individually and with respect to their particular needs, thanks to the way our team is structured. With more than half of all ConfidenceClub’s staff working full time in our support team, we have a robust team of specialist product knowledge.

We are here to help

We offer a free consultation with one of our product specialists on the phone, or you can opt to use ConfidenceClub’s ‘help me choose’ wizard on our website. This process will suggest the right product for you based on your specific needs and preferences.

If there’s any reason that this product isn’t the right fit, or doesn’t perform as expected, ConfidenceClub will exchange the product (at no cost to you). Try something bigger, smaller, or a different absorbency level or style, doing so until each customer finds the right fit.

If in a very rare situation that nothing fits or works as is required, ConfidenceClub will happily provide a full money-back guarantee.

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