Favourite Customer Tips
For Better Continence Management

A collection of the best tips shared by our customers in the hope that they might help others with their continence management journey.

Favourite Customer Tips
For Better Continence Management

Many people manage their incontinence in silence, never engaging with a health professional and never raising any concerns with even their closest friends. So we asked our customers to share their best tips for continence management anonymously, in the hope that others may learn from their experience. We were overwhelmed by the response. There were so many great tips submitted that we've grouped them by topic below.

Thanks to those who generously took the time to share their wisdom.

Please note that these tips are provided as is.
They are not to be considered professional medical advice.


Tips On: Clothing

  1. For those women who like comfortable but fashionable underwear to secure their incontinence pad, I have discovered men's "all cotton" briefs do the trick. They have a wider gusset than ladies underwear and this means the continence pad sits comfortably without overhanging the sides.
  2. Try wearing baggy pants or shorts for men to help hide bulk of products and for women baggy pants, long dresses or skirts
  3. Some adaptive clothing manufacturers make unisex adult size bodysuits which are excellent for discretion and helping to keep pads and briefs in place.
  4. I do not recommend tights
  5. I have to change many times a day so I find skirts are most convenient - especially in summer
  6. Wear underpants to hold pad tight
  7. For men dark coloured trousers (black or navy blue) cover up a slight leak better than light coloured material

Tips On: Drink

  1. I don't drink coffee or tea before I go to bed
  2. If my bladder feels irritated I mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda with a glass of water. This clears any mild irritation for me
  3. Try not drinking any fluids 1 hour before bed
  4. Drink water not coffee

Tips On: Disposal

  1. I carry baby nappy bags with me so I can dispose of them in a manner that means no one comes into contact with what I dispose of if there is not a proper disposal bin in the cubicle
  2. If you are caught unable to dispose of a wet pads when outside the home always take several plastic sandwich bags in your pocket or bag. This will save embarrassment especially at friends' houses
  3. I keep a little covered waste bin and disposable nappy bags there too. Be careful to put the wipes in the bin, not in the toilet
  4. My best buy of the year was a nappy bin, which I have in the toilet recess, and found it to be invaluable in disposing of used pads. Quick, clean, easy, and cheap as I buy refill rolls and reset the capsules myself. Second hand buys are much cheaper
  5. I use a nappy disposal system designed for baby nappies placed conveniently in my bathroom. A Tomi Tippee twist and click nappy disposal bin is an easy, hygienic way to store a week's supply of used incontinence product odour free. When the bin is full with about 25 nappies sealed into sections linked like a sausage, just place them into a plastic bag and dispose when I put out the garbage bins our once a week. You may have to shop around for a good deal. One refill cassette holds more than 50 nappies and costs in the order of $6-$7. The original disposal bin, still in use cost me $35

Tips On: Mental Health

  1. It saves you worrying if you always keep a good stock of pads or whatever you use handy
  2. When the partner's attitude is very open and matter of fact, that there is no loss of love, and that it's OUR problem to manage, there is less stress and no more hiding of pads or disguising of accidents
  3. Be out and proud to your partners, family and friends about your incontinence! There is no shame and you will probably find some of these people have the same!
  4. When I leak, I tell myself: "thank goodness there are good quality products available that cater to this purpose"
  5. I think you can make the problem worse by thinking and worrying about so just go about your day in a normal way and if someone has a problem, it's theirs not mine
  6. Our lives are busy enough without adding another level of stress, there's no need to stress when pads are so discreet and you can be confident there's no accidents
  7. I thought at 43 that pull ups were the end of the world - I cried and thought this is my life now - but the freedom and just plain comfort of great pads was undeniable - after birthing 5 kids this was a life changer 😍

Tips On: Planning

  1. Carry spare pads all the time plus a plastic nappy bag to put your wet pad in
  2. I look at a map where toilets are available at a venue I go to, before I embark on an outing
  3. Be proactive - use the toilet before the need to go
  4. Use the toilet last minute before going out
  5. Stop every hour when travelling to use a toilet
  6. I do my best to make sure that I have some sort of protection on at all times and usually carry spare pads and wet wipes in my handbag, and if I am out and about on a tour then I have a small backpack that I carry which has a complete change of clothes
  7. I do a lot of walking, and unfortunately toilets are not usually readily available in times of need, so try going to the toilet before leaving home and at any rest stop that has a facility
  8. When going out, ensure you have all the things you might need in one bag so that any toileting is trouble-free and easy. Replenish the bag when back home
  9. As a truck driver with an over-active bladder I generally use pads or pants that have a higher absorption capacity than I need and that way I don't need to stress about trying to find toilets in a hurry or a place to pull over. This gives me confidence to do what I need to do without worrying unduly about my bladder issues. ConfidenceClub have excellent products at an affordable price

Tips On: Medicines

  1. My doctor recommended a product called Betmega... that has been a help!
  2. After being in silence with this for many years I found a specialist who gives me Botox and I feel like a women again, but I still wear a pad and that is where I found ConfidenceClub
  3. I am now trialing a tablet called Flomaxtra which is helping my incontinence but not fully
  4. I take a high strength Cranberry tablet each night with just a small amount of water and go to bed

Tips On: Day and Night

  1. I use a slip to prevent night-time leakage
  2. I suffer from urine leakage, which I now know is due to a prostate problem. In general, apart from wanting to go at least once an hour (despite there not being much to get rid of), I find sleeping on my back helps prevent leakage, but I sometimes wear two pairs of the pullups!
  3. I also have a fitted waterproof sheet, and a supply of small bed sheets (from confidence club) for really bad nights
  4. I use a slip at night and pads during the day, or a pull-up if a toilet is not accessible
  5. For preventing nighttime leakage try a variety of different products, body shape and sleeping positions impact the effectiveness of these products
  6. I personally use pull-ups, thinner ones for day, bulkier ones for night, I try go to pee in a toilet every opportunity I can but have the brief on in case I am going to have unfortunate situations
  7. pull up in the day slips at night or if he is wearing long pants and shoes it is easy to change wet pull up to a slip don't have to remove shoes or long pants that way
  8. Use two pullup pants at night, this gives protection from possible leakage, and then second clean pant can be used the night following.[still only using the one pant]
  9. Always leave your last wee just before you are about to go to sleep then you can sleep through the night

Tips On: Getting Help

  1. Never be ashamed to ask for help. Your GP may advise you to visit a Community Nurse trained in incontinence, who can assist with managing your incontinence
  2. Talk to your friends and family about it
  3. Most public hospitals have a continence clinic - they are helpful too
  4. The Continence Foundation of Australia call centre, whilst initially a bit scary to contact, is an excellent resource. They will refer you to a local continence nurse. My continence also put me in contact with various government programs which assist in funding incontinence products
  5. Your local GP and Urologist are vital for diagnosis and medical and surgical options to manage incontinence. In my situation earlier intervention may have prevented permanent damage
  6. While browsing the internet I came across the CAPS. I applied for it and got it. It does not cover the whole cost but it is a handy support. Make use of this helpful Federal Government service
  7. Share information with friends. I share and order with a friend​
  8. Seek help early and be on top of it, ignoring it will only upset you more
  9. Talk and listen to your partner's experience in these matters, especially if they have worked in the health sector
  10. Just ask the ConfidenceClub customer service to help you first time as that's what I did and then it is very easy to do yourself next time

Tips On: Products

  1. Mum wears a 1 litre pad inside the dailee pull-ups and just changes the pad several times a day. She feels this works for her and confident going out as she can just change the pad instead of removing her pull ups and long pants
  2. To save leaks and embarrassment try change your pad at least every 1.5-2 hours, unless used then change straight away
  3. I have found that the pads which hold the greater capacities have less occurrence of skin rash
  4. Washable reusable underwear and briefs, whilst cheaper, are really only suitable for light leakage and need to be changed almost immediately, otherwise they will feel uncomfortable, sweaty and leak. Also need to launder almost everyday otherwise they will smell and retain the smell
  5. I have a washable bed protector on my bed for nighttime leaks and wash when used or if I get lucky and don't leak, I change it every 3 days and wash
  6. When I know I will be out for several hours, I wear my pad inside an incontinence brief, this gives me that extra bit of protection because these briefs are waterproof
  7. These items may assist you with making an unpleasant task easier: toilet paper, dry wipes (which can be moistened), wet wipes, mirror, disposable gloves and nappy bags
  8. Being a man it is very important to get firm-fitting nappies. Everything must be tucked in properly
  9. I've worked out I leak one side more often than the other so I place the pad more to that side than the other
  10. Try to use adhesive pads, which can sit inside your underwear, and liners/boosters, which can sit inside your disposable nappies, to reduce costs. Often all you'll need to change is the pad or liner
  11. I find your dailee super pants are the best product I have ever used
  12. I vary what I use depending on my level of incontinence, which varies with time of day, activity, and diet
  13. I keep wet wipes near the toilet, to keep the groin area fresh and clean. This greatly reduces rashes and itch

Tips On: ConfidenceClub

  1. I've the found the confidence of not having to buy pads at the supermarket - it's convenient and less embarrassing and ConfidenceClub sells a better product than the supermarket
  2. ConfidenceClub helped me make the switch from the expensive supermarket brand. I just told them what I used and they advised their similar product
  3. Use the Help Me Choose option on the ConfidenceClub website
  4. Truthfully I've tried almost every other product on the market, but they all had the same problem, they leaked on the side. What I like about ConfidenceClub is that you can read how absorbent each pad is. I don't have any problems with leakage now. They really are the best
  5. Never think you have to put up with inferior products, because ConfidenceClub will supply an excellent product and value for money
  6. Tell the problem you have to ConfidenceClub - they help to choose the right product
  7. I was using supermarket bought pull ups but the ConfidenceClub ones are a better fit and less prone to leakage - they are also more absorbent. I don't know what I would have done without them
  8. I tried supermarket products for a few years, but was never 100% satisfied. We came across ConfidenceClub and ordered a box that I was very happy with
  9. Eventually searching I found ConfidenceClub and tried a couple of different products. I now have the best one for me and buy a box every 2 weeks which has made life so much easier
  10. I'm very happy with the product and customer service is excellent. No complaints, thank you
  11. I order from ConfidenceClub, I find their help most informative
  12. ConfidenceClub is the easiest supply of incontinence products as I've tried numerous different products for my granddaughter. Also the rewards program is brilliant
  13. Now life is easier as I can go out and feel confident that I won't have an accident any more. Also much more cost effective buying in bulk. Thank you ConfidenceClub!

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