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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! All of our products are proudly dermatologically tested, latex-free and made from skin-safe materials, so you can be sure there’s no nasties inside.

Our pull-up pants are absorbent enough for bowel incontinence, giving you protection without bulk.

If you hold up any pair of our disposable incontinence underwear, the back is usually visibly wider than the front. The Dailee pants have a small mark on the inside of the back, and a convenient tape on the back at the outside that can be used to secure rolled up pants for easy disposal.

The absorbency of our pull ups means they’re perfect for use whenever you need protection - even from heavier overnight leaks.

Our pants are like underwear, but better.

They rapidly absorb moderate to heavy bladder voids and bowel incontinence without bulk. Pull them on and away you go. Leak-free, comfortable and confident so you can enjoy life’s little (or big) moments.

Our pull up pants are super absorbent but without the bulk so they fit comfortably on the body - just like regular underwear.
Our pull ups will be your peace-of-mind when managing incontinence.

Their features include:

  • Any any saggy, soggy or uncomfy bits disappear with our advanced rapid-dry technology
  • Stay dry and odour-free thanks to our 12 hour leak and odour control
  • A super slim, cloud-soft design moulds to every bump and curve for next-level comfort and discretion
  • Made with skin-safe materials and no nasties
  • Made with the planet in mind, with 100% carbon neutral manufacturing

Get back to enjoying life's moments, big and small, with the invisible confidence from our pull ups.

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