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Frequently Asked Questions

How long our washable underwear can last is dependent on how often you wear and wash them. They can last for up to 50 washes in water under 30 degrees Celsius. Just remember to follow their care tag instructions!

We have sizes made to fit every body, ranging from XS to XL.

Our washable incontinence underwear come in a variety of options, including brief and boyleg styles.

Our bibs are super hardy and can last for up to 300 washes - just remember to follow their care instructions to get the most life out of them.

Yes, our washable products are covered under our It Fits Or It’s Free money back guarantee and can be returned. Simply contact us to arrange the return.

Your light leaks are your business, and our range of washable incontinence products keep it that way!

With fast-acting absorbency and a body-hugging fit, you can go about your day uninterrupted - and dry of course.

Our selection of washable incontinence care products are made with the planet in mind. Simply wash, dry and rewear and you’ll be helping to reduce waste. There’s no added nasties of any kind - no harsh chemicals, no fragrances, nothing to irritate your skin. 

Our washable briefs for men, women and children look and feel just like regular underwear, but with the added bonus of rapid absorbency to wick away any drips or leaks.

They don’t even need much of your attention. Simply throw them in the wash after each use, air dry, wear, repeat. It’s that simple, because it should be.

Our bibs mean an end to spills on your favourite shirt or your freshly mopped floors. They'll catch any crumbs with their carefully crafted bottom section, which acts like a spill tray. Genius!

You've got three bibs in your arsenal, which means one for each main meal, or you can have two on rotation while one is in the wash. 

Get back to enjoying life’s moments, big and small, with invisible confidence from our range of washables.

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