How To Prevent Incontinence Pad Leaks

In this article, we discuss how to prevent incontinence pad leaks and investigate what may be causing the leaks in the first place.

How To Prevent Incontinence Pad Leaks

In this article, we discuss how to prevent incontinence pad leaks and why it may be leaking in the first place.

Whether you're new to managing incontinence or have been dealing with it for some time, you may have experienced leaks through your continence aids.

Leaks shouldn't be considered 'normal'. With the right products and information you can live life more comfortably and confidently - sans leaks!

That's why we've put together this guide to show you how to prevent incontinence pad leaks.

Why is my incontinence pad leaking?

Incontinence pads and pull-ups should help to prevent leaking onto clothing and/or furniture.  

If leaking is occuring, it could mean the person experiencing incontinence could be:

  • Constipated and has excessive incontinence due to pressure from the bowel.
  • On diuretic medications (to increase their urine output) or new medications which can cause increased bladder or bowel irritability.
  • They may have a urine or bladder infection, such as a UTI, that can lead to an increase in incontinence episodes.

Medical issues such as those listed above should be discussed with a doctor as soon as possible to ensure the correct treatment is provided.

Then of course there is the chance that the incontinence pad itself hasn't been applied correctly or as efficiently as it could be. But more tips on this just below!

What should I do if my pad leaks?

If pads leak, you should first check that it has been correctly fitted and is secure between the legs. The person needing the pad should not wear their clothes too loose because the pad may move.

You can also watch our helpful videos which show how to apply incontinence aids. This will give you the tools to know you're fitting your products properly the first time, and every time!

If you need help finding the right size pad for your incontinence needs, you can always take our online Help Me Choose quiz or contact us to speak with our team of helpful product specialists. They will ask a few simple questions to help you find the product that is the right fit and absorbency level for your needs.

Consider waterproof furniture protectors

If you want added peace of mind and a last line of defence against leaks, our range of waterproof bedding and furniture protectors will be a welcome addition to your incontinence aid arsenal!

With chair and wheelchair protectors, larger furniture protectors, waterproof bed sheets and quilt covers, we have something for every need.

We also have washable and disposable protectors depending on what best suits your circumstances.

We totally understand that finding the product that best suits you can sometimes take trial and error, and that's why we have our It Fits or It's Free money back guarantee.

This allows you to try our product range and if it's not quite right you can send it back to us for 100% money back. We'll even cover the return shipping costs!

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