100% Money Back Guarantee

Confidence In Our Products

In order to earn your Confidence, it is essential that we have absolute faith in our product range.

ConfidenceClub products come from the same manufacturers who supply the largest online continence sellers in the USA - so they have been thoroughly proven and endorsed by millions of customers.

We believe this is important so that you can shop with utmost Confidence.

After thorough testing, we are so Confident in our products, that we are the only retailer in Australia prepared to offer you our unique 60 day, 100% money back guarantee if you don't feel our products are right for you.

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied
in the fit, function, feel or anything else
within 60 days of purchase
get in touch with us
and we will arrange a return from you
and give you your money back
no questions asked


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