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181 Reviews

Bladder Weakness Pad - Large/Extra - 32cm x 16cm

All day Confidence with Discretion for Women & Men. Latex Free.

Contoured. Breathable. Highly Absorbent

ConfidenceClub Essential Contoured Bladder Weakness Incontinence Pads - Large are discreet and flexible, yet have high coverage and high absorbency for a pad.

These pads protect against Light to Moderate bladder leakage. They are discreet and flexible and contain elastic strands that conform to your body shape for maximum comfort and secure fit against leakage.

The super absorbent polymer core rapidly reacts to extract moisture away from the surface and the skin and locks the wetness deep in the core.

With the odour reduction system and a ventilated breathable back sheet, these bladder weakness pads provide discreet quality with every use.

This has a maximum absorbency of 550ml, and a working capacity of 220ml- 358ml.

Product Features:

  • Unisex - suitable for Women & Men
  • Odour reduction system
  • Super absorbent core ensures fresh and dry feel by locking in wetness
  • Pad is kept securely in place in Underwear via the wide adhesive strip
  • Contoured design with elastic strands provides a discreet, secure fit
  • Breathable, cotton-like backsheet prevents heat build-up and enhances skin health
  • Latex free


Maximum Capacity is the capacity identified in laboratory testing under ISO Standards. The Working Capacity that each user will experience will differ based on a number of factors including whether the user is female or male, the velocity of the flow, whether the user is primarily standing, walking, sitting or lying down when voiding, and more. It is generally accepted that Working Capacity is between 40% to 65% of Maximum Capacity


Item Code: DCE12

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Customer Reviews

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181 reviews
  • Carol W.
    Verified Buyer
    What I Like Most Absorbency, Convenience, Discreet Packaging, Confidence
    11 hours ago
    What I Like Most Absorbency, Convenience, Discreet Packaging, Confidence
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Bladder weakness pads

    Love them. Great feeling of confidence all day

    C Profile picture for ConfidenceClub
    38 seconds ago

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful 5-star review! We're delighted to hear that our bladder weakness pads have provided you with confidence throughout the day. It's incredibly rewarding for us to know that our products are making a positive difference in our customers' lives.

    Warmest regards,
    The ConfidenceClub Team

  • Mary N.
    Verified Reviewer
    What I Like Most The Comfort, Convenience, Absorbency, Confidence, Discreet Packaging
    3 weeks ago
    What I Like Most The Comfort, Convenience, Absorbency, Confidence, Discreet Packaging
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Have my life back full of confidence

    I fully recommend this product I have been using for a few years now and it has fully given my life back I have the confidence to leave my house and be fully protected I am very happy to have my life back

    Verified Buyer
    What I Like Most Value, Price, Convenience, Fast Delivery, Service
    3 weeks ago
    What I Like Most Value, Price, Convenience, Fast Delivery, Service
    Rated 4 out of 5 stars
    i depend on this product when i go out to see the doctors or health personal

    it is a great product that gives me confidence when i go out and dont need to worry about leaks . great service as well many thanks

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between our pads and guards is their shape, with our guards being made to fit men’s bodies. Available in two absorbency levels, their cupped design will fit like a glove and absorb any light drips in a flash.

Our range of slimline pads are designed for womens’ moderate to heavy bladder leaks. These cloud-soft pads mould to the contours of your body and come in a variety of absorbency levels that’ll keep you fresh between changes.

While the shape of guard makes them more suitable as men’s incontinence pads, our range of traditionally shaped pads are great as pads for women, pads for men, incontinence pads for elderly or people of all ages. Though the Dailee range are called Dailee Lady, plenty of men buy them too!

You can wear our pads and guards at any time of day (even overnight!) when you need the protection. Our different absorbencies means there’s the right product for every level of need.

The absorbency of a pad comes from two materials: a fluffy cotton-like material and a powdery polymer sprinkled through the fluff. It's actually this polymer, called Super-Absorbency Polymer or SAP, that does the majority of the absorption, expanding from near invisibility to form gel-beads that lock in the liquid and odours. In this way pads like ours, that contain a lot of SAP but only the necessary amount of fluff to hold the SAP in place, can absorb large amounts seemingly like magic.

We care about giving you the most accurate information on all of our products, so we let you know the maximum capacity in mL. This varies per product, so you can easily find this information by clicking through to the product page.

If you need protection from bowel incontinence, we recommend our pull-ups or slips instead. 

Our pull-ups rapidly absorb moderate to heavy bladder voids and/or bowel incontinence without bulk. They’re fuss-free to put on, simply pull them up like underwear and away you go!

Our slips are designed for less mobile bodies and are our highest-absorbing wearable. Their side tabs make them simple to put on and take off for both the wearer and carer.

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