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Dailee Fix Pants With Legs

Boxer briefs
(underpants with legs)
45cm x 120cm

Unisex Dailee Fix Pants are an ideal accompaniment to the Dailee Comfort pads as they offer the support that normal underwear can't provide when larger pads are required.


  • Fully elasticised for ease of application and removal
  • Latex-free - made from polyester and elastane
  • Designed to mould to the body's shape, maximising comfort and giving support to hold a larger pad in place


Size Guide

The support waist sizes overlap a lot, because these are highly-elasticated products. We recommend you err on the side of smaller, because you want these pants to hold the pad securely in place. If you find your chosen size is too loose within a couple of hours of wearing then choose a smaller size, and if you feel the pants are constrictive on initial wear then choose a larger size.

  • SMALL: 45 - 100cm waists
  • MEDIUM: 50 - 105cm waists
  • LARGE: 55 - 110cm waists
  • X-LARGE: 60 - 115cm waists
  • XX-LARGE: 65 - 120cm waists

The Pad + Pant System

These pants are designed to hold Dailee Comfort Pads in place. The ability to reuse these pants and swap out only the pad makes this system more cost-effective than slips.


These pants can be reused multiple times during a single day - typically around 3 pad changes across several hours. However this is only a rough guide because it depends on the nature and level of activity. The elastic weakens with use, so excessive reuse is not recommended.

CO2-Neutral Manufacture

These pants are manufactured using electricity, materials and production processes that are carbon neutral.


Packs contain 5 fix pants
Cartons have 60 packs for a total of 300 fix pants.

All Dailee products are proudly formaldehyde-free


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Frequently Asked Questions

Think of them as the dream team for leaks! It’s a super absorbent pad that fits neatly inside specially made comfy, reusable pants that holds the pad in place. The secure fit of the pants means there’s no bulk, giving you peace of mind that it’s invisible under all types of clothing.

The Comfort pads come in one large size that provides greater coverage for any moderate to heavy incontinence. The Fix pants come in a range of sizes, and we have a size chart on their product pages to help you find which one is right for you.

Since the pants are super stretchy in order to fit all bodies and there’s some overlap in measurements, we recommend you err on the side of smaller to be sure that the pants can hold the pad securely in place.

Just like with any of our wearables, we recommend changing the pad as soon as it’s wet. This helps keep your skin happy and healthy.

While the pads are single-use disposables, you can reuse the pants throughout a single day. 

The number of changes that the Fix Pants can last for depends on your level of activity and need - just keep in mind that elastic does stretch, so reusing one pair of Fix Pants across a number of days isn’t recommended.

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