Dailee Comfort Extra

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Dailee Comfort Extra
Dailee Comfort Extra
Dailee Comfort Extra

Sustainably Manufactured


Dailee Comfort Extra

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1900mL Maximum Capacity
69cm x 35cm
One Size Fits All

European-made, dermatologically tested, the Dailee comfort pads offer a greater level of coverage for urinary and faecal incontinence. The large-sized pad is anatomically designed and offers a wider back to manage faecal loss without an extra wide gusset. With Drylock technology for advanced urine absorption, Dailee Comfort pads also have anti-odour control to lock in odours. In addition, the Dailee Comfort pads have adhesive tabs to keep the pad in place and leak guards to aid in directing the flow of urine into the core of the pad, keeping you dry and comfortable.


  • Large size pad with high absorbency for a pad
  • Two adhesive patches (front and back) to securely hold in place inside Dailee Fix pants
  • Wetness indicator
  • Fully breathable
  • Silky soft-feel materials
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Absorbent core with active odour control


The Pad + Pant System

These pads are designed for use inside Dailee Fix Pants. The pad does the continence management and the pants hold them in place. The ability to reuse the pants and swap out only the pad makes this system more cost-effective than slips.

Dailee Comfort pads by ConfidenceClub offer a high level of absorbency for those experiencing moderate to severe urinary incontinence with the added benefit of containing faecal incontinence within the high and wider rear part of the pad. Anatomically designed to offer superior comfort and reliability for all mobility levels. Available in three absorbency levels to suit all levels of need.

CO2-Neutral Manufacture

These pants are manufactured using electricity, materials and production processes that are carbon neutral.


Packs contain 28 pads.
Cartons have 4 packs for a total of 112 pads.

All Dailee products are proudly formaldehyde-free

Product Code: DDLPE28
Magical Tubes

Dailee Comfort Pads provide moderate to high absorbency in a large pad form. With the added absorbency compared to regular pads, normal underwear is mostly not equipped to hold this added weight close enough to the body to perevent leakage. Poor supporting underwear can sag and pull away from the body, allowing urine to leak from around the pad edges. Dailee Comfort Pads are reliably held in place with the Dailee Fix Pants allowing for peace of mind.

With three levels of absorbency and two styles of pants, the two-piece system offers a range of choices to suit most needs.


This Dailee product is manufactured in Europe with resource efficient production using modern precision equipment to create exceptional quality products that exceed global standards. All production facilities are audited for labour standards, health and safety, environment and business ethics. Where possible waste products are incinerated to produce power to support the manufacturing processes and some facilities are run entirely on solar energy.

Dailee By ConfidenceClub

ConfidenceClub is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Dailee brand products direct to people across Australia and New Zealand

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