We support parents of kids & teens

We understand it can be challenging to find incontinence products for kids aged 4 and above, which is why we introduced our range of Magics Youth Pants for kids and teens aged between 4 and 15.


We value all carers and the selfless, lifechanging work that they do every day. If you’re a carer for a person with incontinence, we are here to support you.


Meet Magics

Whether your child is bedwetting or needs leak protection during the day, our Magics Premium Youth Pants will ensure they feel their most comfortable and confident yet!

These pants have been developed with Magical Tubes® three-channel technology that makes for fast absorbency and top-tier protection against leaks. In fact, they can keep your child dry for up to 12 hours - especially important for overnights! They’re a product you and your child can truly rely on.

The pant’s design ensures that they adapt to your child's body for a secure fit, while still maintaining freedom of movement. All this while they provide the ultimate protection for both day and night dryness.

You can read more about their benefits here.

Try them risk-free

Our It Fits or It’s Free Guarantee means you can purchase any of our incontinence products and if you’re not 100% happy with the purchase, we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Our customer reviews say it all

This product has been amazing, it gave me an option for my child when she was too big for normal nappies but too small for adult incontinence products

Kaylene, QLD

I have a 12 year old with multiple disability’s and these nappies are amazing. I will be ordering again. Thank you for you amazing service.

Angel, QLD

Great product for kids who have grown out of regular incontinence products, great size and fit for a more natural look under clothes not bulky at all.

Melissa, NSW

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