Magics Youth Pants

  • The Magics Youth Pants are our exclusive brand of pants for children and teenagers. They offer superior comfort, performance, thinness, and absorbency, and are manufactured with CO2-neutral sustainable materials and processes.



Size MEDIUM60 (4 packs)

Age & Weight

4-7 (17-30kg)

Price per pack of 15


Price per carton of 60




Size MEDIUM8-15 (27-57kg)

Age & Weight

8-15 (27-57kg)

Price per pack of 12


Price per carton of 72


New Features

New Magics Youth Pants are designed from thin materials to look and feel just like regular underwear.
They have comfortable side barriers for maximum protection against leaks.

Magical Tubes

Magical Tubes is a revolutinary technology designed to evenly distribute the liquid around the pants to avoid sagging. As urine is absorbed into the side channels, they expand to further confine the liquid into the pants, and it is truly magical.

Flash Dry

Flash Dry technology has been developed to enhance the skin dryness the child will feel. It is a layer that quickly absorbs and locks away wetness keeping the skin dry for up to 12 hours.

CO2 Neutral

Magics Youth Pants have been manufactured in Europe with sustainable CO2-Neutral production practices using modern precision equipment. It makes these products exceptional quality, without costing the earth.


The waistband in the Magics Youth Pants has improved elasticity, assisting with both application and removal.

Greater elasticity of the waistband also contributes to greater comfort for your child, ensuring better conformity, comfort as well as protection.

The revolutionary Magical Tubes offer exceptional performance by locking urine away to keep your childrens skin in optimal condition.

The pants feel just like regular underwear and the Flash Dry technology ensures your child feels dry all of the time.


When we talk absorbency, we are talking about how quickly a product absorbs the urine and how well it locks the urine into a pant.

Magic Youth Pants have a patented Drylock technology which is called Magical Tubes. These tubes are designed to quickly collect, distribute and lock the urine into the pant to prevent rewet, enhance the absorption time, and increase the comfort and skin integrity of your child.

The addition of Flash Dry technology means that your child is much dryer.

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Our products are designed to offer maximum discretion and comfort for children and teenagers.
Research shows that bladder control issues with children and teenagers have an important impact on their psychological wellbeing. These products have been developed to allow children to regain their confidence and continue to lead active lives.

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This product has been amazing, it gave me an option for my child when she was too big for normal nappies but too small for adult incontinence products

Kaylene, QLD

I have a 12 year old with multiple disability’s and these nappies are amazing. I will be ordering again. Thank you for you amazing service.

Angel, QLD

Great product for kids who have grown out of regular incontinence products, great size and fit for a more natural look under clothes not bulky at all.

Melissa, NSW

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