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Incontinence aids are products used to manage urinary and faecal incontinence of all levels. We’re proud of our range of high-quality, fast-absorbency incontinence products including pull-up pants, all-in-one slips, pads and guards, youth pants and waterproof furniture protectors.

Accessing great continence management products should be easy for everyone.
Here are 7 critical things your incontinence product provider should give you in that experience.ncontinence product provider should give you in that experience.

Our Range of Incontinence Aids

Underwear Protection

Minor to Significant Need

Underwear Replacement

Moderate to Significant Need

Adult Nappies

Very High Need

Extra Protection

Reusable Protection

If you aren’t sure what is right for you, we have helped thousands choose.
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Our range of incontinence aids are designed to be invisible, comfortable and high performance to offer protection for all levels of need, so that you can continue to live your life confidently and comfortably.

Our discreet, direct-to-your-door delivery eliminates the hassle of shopping for incontinence products at the shops, and our It Fits or It's Free money back guarantee gives you peace of mind in knowing that shopping with us is completely risk free.

If you're not sure which product is the best choice for you, take our Help Me Choose online quiz to have a range of options suggested for you, or contact us and we'll be glad to help you any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are incontinence aids?

Incontinence aids are products that help manage incontinence symptoms - such as urine and/or faecal leakage or total loss of bladder/bowel control.

The products include pull-up pants, slips (nappies), pads, guards, booster pads, youth pants and furniture/bed protectors.

How do I know what incontinence aids I need?

If you’re new to shopping for incontinence products or looking to switch from your current provider, you can take our free Help Me Choose quiz to see which products are recommended for your needs.

You can also contact us and our team of friendly product specialists 6-days a week for assistance.

How much liquid do your products absorb?

Absorbency levels vary depending on the type of product. You can view each individual product to find out what amount they can hold.

Here’s a quick absorbency guide for reference:

Pull-up pants: From 1000mL up to 2200mL

Slips: From 1600mL up to 3100mL

Women’s pads: From 120mL up to 1000mL

Men’s guards: From 400mL up to 653mL

Youth pants: From 748mL up to 1000mL

Booster pads: 250mL and 1000mL options

Disposable furniture and bed protectors: From 983mL up to 1900mL

Washable furniture and bed protectors: From 1000mL up to 3500mL

What sizes do your pants and slips go up to?

Our pull-ups are available in waist sizes:

Dailee Pull-Ups (Unisex)

  • Small (50-100cm)

  • Medium (80-120cm)

  • Large (110-140cm)

  • Extra-large (130-170cm)

Dailee Women’s & Dailee Men’s

  • Medium (80-120cm)

  • Large (110-140cm)

Essential Pull-Ups

  • Small (60-100cm)

  • Medium (75-120cm)

  • Large (90-140cm)

ID Pull-Ups

  • Extra-small (55-70cm)

  • Small (60-90cm)

  • Medium (80-120cm)

  • Large (100-145cm)

  • Extra-large (130-170cm)

Our all-in-one slips are available in sizes:

Dailee Slips

  • XS/S (38-105cm)

  • Medium (80-145cm)

  • L/XL (120-170cm)

  • XXL (130-190cm)

ID Slips

  • Small (50-90cm)

  • Medium (80-125cm)

  • Large (115-155cm)

  • Extra-large (120-170cm)

Care Slips

  • Small (50-95cm)

  • Medium (80-135cm)

  • Large (115-160cm)

  • Extra-large (140-170cm)

What sizes do your youth pants go up to?

Both ranges have sizes that fit from ages 4-7 and ages 8-15.

Magics Youth Pants

  • Ages 4-7 (fits 17-30kg)

  • Ages 8-15 (fits 27-57kg)

ID Comfy Juniors

  • Ages 4-7 (fits 7-27kg)

  • Ages 8-15 (fits 24-47kg)

  • Size XS (40-70cm waist)


Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we certainly do! Our It Fits or It’s Free guarantee means you’ll get 100% of your money back if you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase.

Our Range of Incontinence Aids Includes:

Unisex pull-up pants
Unisex all-in-one slips
Women's pads
Men's guards
Youth pants
Unisex booster pads
Washable waterproof bed and furniture protectors
Disposable waterproof bed and furniture protectors
Waterproof bibs
Hypoallergenic wipes

Sizes of Incontinence Pants and Slips:

Our pull-ups are available in:

Swipe right to see the full table ->

Dailee Pull-Ups (Unisex) Dailee Women/Men Essential Pull-Ups iD Pull-Ups















Our all-in-one slips are available in:

Dailee Slips iD Slips Care Slips











Extra Large

Extra Large

Our youth-pants are available in:

Magics Youth Pants iD Comfy Juniors

Aged 4-7
(fits 17-30kg)

Ages 4-7
(fits 7-27kg)

Ages 8-15
(fits 27-57kg)

Ages 8-15
(fits 24-47kg)

(40-70cm waist)

European Made Products

Over 80% of our range comes from premium European manufacturers offering industry leading comfort, absorbency & odour control. We have absolute certainty in the quality of every product we sell which enables us to offer our Money Back Guarantee with Confidence.

Fast, Free Discreet Delivery

Orders placed before 10am on any working day are shipped that same day from our Sydney or Melbourne warehouses. After 10am, shipped the next working day. All orders over $50 receive free shipping - Australia wide. All parcels are shipped in discreet packaging.

Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

We genuinely care about every customer and our dedicated Support Teams strive to provide the best possible shopping experience, every single order. Customers love us and we are very proud of the thousands of 5 Star Reviews we are fortunate to have received.

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