Why We Offer Samples

Reason #1: Education

Some of our products might not be suitable for your particular needs, or some items may be very similar to each other. By offering you samples you get to try these items to make an informed choice if you choose to buy.

Reason #2: Avoiding Mistakes

We sell many items in bulk, and although the bulk price is usually not a lot of money, it's better to be clear with your decision. We still offer returns if you change your mind (see our returns policy for the details), but mistakes are a waste of time, effort and expense.

Reason #3: We Believe In Our Products

We know that our products represent the best value in the market. They represent the best price and quality combination you can get. Samples are our way of proving this to you, because we believe our products are good enough to convince you to buy.

What You Get

A Few Pieces

Most samples consist of 2 pieces of your chosen product. This should be adequate for you to test the quality and form factor.

No Frills

Sending out a sample is our investment in our relationship with you. The product, sample packaging, envelope, postage and labour all add up to a significant cost. So we try to keep the costs controlled by removing some of the things that you get when you buy normally.

Follow Up Email

In return for sending you our samples we will send you a follow up email in relation to those samples. We want to learn from your experience with our products so that we can continuously seek ways to improve and further impress you and people like you.

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