World Health Day 2022:
Our Planet, Our Health

On this World Health Day, we look to sustainability

World Health Day 2022:
Our Planet, Our Health

On this World Health Day, we look to sustainability

World Health Day has been celebrated annually since the founding of the World Health Organisations (WHO) in 1948. On 7 April each year, people around the world gather to look at a specific health topic concerning the global population.

On World Health Day 2022, the WHO is encouraging us to focus on urgent actions that are needed to keep not only ourselves, but our planet, healthy. With the WHO estimating that more than 13 million deaths worldwide are due to avoidable environmental causes - including effects of the climate crisis - there’s great urgency around this year’s theme.

Here in Australia, we’re blessed with a beautiful country that many of us wouldn’t trade for anywhere else. But in recent years, we have seen a harsher climate making liveability more difficult, with droughts, fires and floods all causing devastation for our communities.

This World Health Day, sustainability holds the key to a bright and secure future for our planet. How will you choose to celebrate it?

Celebrating World Health Day

The WHO has a list of resources for individuals, corporations and specific industry practitioners that details ways we can each mark and celebrate World Health Day, contributing to a healthier tomorrow.

For Corporations

Corporations are made up of many individuals, all of whom have the power to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable workplace. WHO recommends that corporations look at their energy usage, like switching lights off after working hours, and their carbon footprint, encouraging employees to work from home where possible. We also need to consider employee health, removing highly processed and packaged foods from the workplace, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from corporate activities.

You can read more about ConfidenceClub's sustainability efforts here.

For Health Workers

On this World Health Day, health workers and employees at health facilities are encouraged to:

  • Look for innovative ways to reduce health care waste
  • Decarbonise health facilities
  • Find opportunities to save energy, leading to better sustainability

All the black starry sky images are © The World Health Organisation. See more from their World Health Day 2022 campaign here

For Individuals

One of the most powerful things you can do as an individual this World Health Day is to share your story around the theme of ‘our planet, our health’. By voicing your thoughts in the fight for climate action, you can make a direct contribution to your local and national climate change conversation.

Other steps you can take include:

  • Choose to walk or ride to work at least one day a week, and opt for public transport wherever possible
  • Make the change to a renewable energy provider and turn off lights when not in use
  • Buy locally, sourcing your groceries from local suppliers
  • Avoid highly processed foods and beverages
  • Stop consuming tobacco, which is a killer and a polluter
  • Use recyclable grocery bags and opt for plastic-free products

Together, we can make an ongoing contribution to sustainability, leading to a healthier tomorrow.

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