World Continence Week - A Spotlight On Our Carers

Here we share some inspiring stories of the carers in our community, and pledge our unwavering gratitude and support of the work they do.

World Continence Week - A Spotlight On Our Carers

Here we share some inspiring stories of the carers in our community, and pledge our unwavering gratitude and support of the work they do.

This week is World Continence Week. It’s a time to raise awareness of incontinence and its impact on those who experience it, whether directly or indirectly.

It’s also a time, we believe, to share stories of the incredible carers who support those with incontinence and other health conditions.

We have gathered five incredible stories, generously shared by our community, that we want to also share with you to honour the unwavering and invaluable support that carers provide.

Please note, these names have all been changed and stock images used to respect the privacy of these individuals.

Bianca, TAS - 27 years old

I always dreamed of being a mum, even from a young age. There was nothing I wanted more than to be a mum. I had 3 kids in 3 years. After my third child was born, she received the first of many devastating diagnoses. I watched all of my children receive different diagnoses in the years following. Three years later and I am now the sole carer of thre medically complex children. With ever diagnosis, another piece of me broke, little by little. Every day is a struggle but I will always push on and move the world for my children.

Jenny, NSW - 47 years old

I’m currently caring for my mum who has vascular dementia and vascular Parkinsons.

Watching her deteriorating is so heartbreaking, [so I'm] just enjoying what time I have left with her. Caring for her has been a struggle but she’s my mum she gave me life and the least I can do is care for her.

Melanie, QLD - 65 years old

I care for my mother and brother. Mum is 94 years old. She is now very frail and has the beginnings of dementia. My brother is intellectually impaired. I myself have a disability.

Caring can be a big challenge and allows little time for yourself. We live on a small property in rural Queensland. It's beautiful here and if it's a fine sunny day mum loves nothing more than sitting in the sun.

Mum now is in full use of continence underwear and to me they are a God send. We laugh because she calls them her nappies.

Felicity, QLD - 67 years old

I am a carer. I have two kids in my care since they were born. They are 9 and 10 years old now. They both have their own challenges as they are both ADHD and the youngest also has FASD, they are very delayed and suffer lots of anxiety.

I have them both long term and wouldn’t have it another way. I hope they stay as long as they have to and grow up into adulthood with me. Love them like my own. They youngest one is till in nappy pants at night and he loves the magic pants. Hope they never disappear.

Cathy, QLD - 64 years old

I am a carer to my 76 year old husband. He has recently become incontinent due to the massive spine damage he has. His spinal cord is badly impinged at his neck so badly they have told him if he falls the wrong way he may become paralysed. All his nerves along his spine are impinged and cause him a lot of pain.

The incontinence is new-ish and has become a source of embarrassment for him. We do the best we can. We still love each other and I love to care for him now as he has in the past for myself and our four kids. Three of whom were not his biological kids but he has never treated them any way than as his own. He is a good man and we are lucky to have him in our lives

Here at ConfidenceClub, we sincerely thank these incredible customers for opening up and sharing their personal experiences, and we’re sure you’ll join us in celebrating them and their amazing stories.
We would be lost without carers helping those with incontinence and other health conditions live their lives as comfortably and confidently as they can.

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