Managing Incontinence
During the Holidays

We have tips to help you best manage your incontinence through all the events that come with the holiday season.

Managing Incontinence During the Holidays

We have tips to help you best manage your incontinence through all the events that come with the holiday season.

For those with incontinence, the festive season can bring about feelings of anxiety as regular routines may be disrupted, or we might feel some temptation to consume special treats we usually avoid due to unwanted bladder or bowel irritation.

If you’re wondering how to enjoy the holidays as much as possible while still managing your continence care, we’ve put together a few helpful tips below so keep reading!

Limit Intake of Bowel or Bladder Irritating Food and Drinks

Overindulging in our favourite food and drinks during the festive season - we’ve all been there.

Although it’s a special occasion and you should enjoy yourself, it’s important to keep in mind which foods and drinks might worsen any bowel or bladder symptoms you may experience. You can then decide whether to limit your intake of them or avoid them completely.

Red meat, fried foods and dairy products are just some of the foods that can cause constipation, while high-fibre foods, such as legumes, broccoli and some fruits, can cause excess wind or bloating. Spicy meals or foods high in acid, such as tomatoes and sugary drinks, can irritate the bladder.

Sugar and artificial sweeteners can also have a laxative effect, so be mindful when it comes to dessert. Certain beverages, like those containing alcohol or caffeine, can also cause bladder irritation.

Stay Well Hydrated

With all the festivities the holiday season brings, it can be easy to forget the simple things - like drinking enough water! Being dehydrated can cause your urine to be more concentrated, irritating your bladder and potentially worsening your incontinence symptoms.

Make sure to alternate any beverages with a glass of water, and be sure to drink the recommended amount of water per day (you can double-check this with your GP but at least 1.5-2 litres a day is ideal).

A quick way to see if you’re hydrated enough is to actually take a look at the colour of your urine.

Stock Up On Essentials in Advance
& Keep Them Nearby

With the shops set to close on public holidays, it’s important to stay stocked up with your continence aid essentials to avoid any last-minute panic or having to resort to using sub-par products.

Our entire range of products is available at a discounted rate when you purchase items in cartons, so you can make sure you have everything you need in preparation for the festive season. You’ll also save around 10% when you buy in bulk!

Here at ConfidenceClub, we also offer a Never Run Out service which automatically repeats your orders so you’re never going to, well, run out! This also saves you 10% on purchases when you opt in - more to spend on Christmas shopping!

Stocking up on accessories like wet wipes and/or booster pads, can be a real lifesaver to quickly freshen up between changes, and add an extra line of defence if you’re travelling.

Be sure to keep your supplies on hand in a bag or backpack so you can head to the bathroom for a quick change whenever you need to. If you’re visiting friends or relatives, it might help give you peace of mind if you pack a spare change of clothes too, just in case of any accidents.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

The holiday season can be stressful, and it isn’t a happy time of rest and relaxation for everyone. It’s important to prioritise your mental health, and make some time to look after your own needs - even if it means taking a break from the festivities.

 Just as it’s important to take a break if you need to, it’s as important to engage with people who love and support you and not isolate yourself completely.  

If you’re struggling with concerns or anxiety over managing your incontinence while at a gathering, it might be helpful to confide in a loved one who you trust to talk through how you’re feeling. Those that care about you will be supportive and helpful in easing your concerns.

Remember that you aren’t alone during this time, and if you are struggling with feelings of loneliness you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In emergencies call 000.

We hope you've found these tips helpful for you to enjoy the festive season, and no matter your plans, we wish you a safe and happy holiday period!

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