Introducing Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect is a community organisation that was founded by Terry Cornick to connect men across Australia over a BBQ to chat about all things life.

Introducing Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect is a community organisation that was founded to connect men across Australia over a BBQ to chat about all things life.

Many people think that men have lost the ability to catch up with other guys in a non-judgmental environment. Unfortunately, most of men who deal with incontinence are are less inclined to engage in social activities since staying at home may feel safer and easier. They also have a higher likelihood of experiencing depression and other mental health problems.

Mr. Perfect addresses this problem by offering a place where men can go for 2 hours each month to unwind and be themselves. Whether that is a mental or physical escape.

Mr. Perfect has hosts throughout Australia that hold free BBQs for men of all ages and nationalities. The idea is to bring blokes together to chat or listen. There is no subject agenda, no pressure or expectation. No topic is off-limits, and all topics are invited. You are invited to come and get a free snag and cool drink and stay as little or long as you wish.

Founder of Mr. Perfect

Founder of Mr. Perfect, Terry Cornick is a dad and lives in Sydney. Terry works in the Healthcare industry and has been dealing with depression, anxiety and PTSD for many years.

He left the UK and sought the perfect life in Australia. Whilst on the surface, life did indeed seem perfect, Terry soon realised he was not Mr. Perfect. After a lifetime of mental health challenges he found the missing link within the support he accessed and decided that he was going to tackle the issue, so no man would be left behind.

Terry found that speaking with his doctor and other medical experts about his personal issues was a very cold, impersonal experience. Even a few GP friends of his expressed that work that he does has a good effect on their patients' mental health.

Beyond Blue Lead clinical advisor Grant Blashki states that being socially connected is essential for men’s mental health. Although your doctor or therapist may surely be of great assistance to anyone dealing with challenges in life, social interactions also play a very important role. Men with strong social connections are also more likely to seek professional help if they need it.

How it all started

During a candid discussion with a couple of mates, Terry found that men were open to talk about their struggles, and together they decided to do something about it; after all, if no one did, nothing would change.

To start with, he wrote his story down and later created an anonymous blog which he posted under the name Mr. Perfect.

The first function was quickly pulled together as a ‘Kick the footy’ gathering in Hyde Park with 40 men of all nationalities and ages attending. They kept the connection and conversation going afterwards. Thus, Mr. Perfect as we know it today was born.

How to get involved

Mr. Perfect is a registered Health Promotion Charity. You can search for BBQs in your area and go along to see if it’s for you.

Mr. Perfect has corporate sponsorship and other support groups that help to keep the BBQs happening. Then every day, blokes can volunteer to be a host and hold a monthly BBQ in their area.

It is incredible how one man’s struggle and one man’s desire to make a difference can result in having such an impact on the lives of so many.

Terry Cornick, we raise our hats to you!

You can find more information about Mr. Perfect on their website.

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