6 Tips for Living Your Best Social Life While Incontinent

A rich and satisfying social life is important for the mental and emotional well-being. Here are our best tips on how to regain confidence if incontinence is a problem.

5 Tips to Prevent Incontinence from Ruining Your Social Life and Confidence

A rich and satisfying social life is important for our mental and emotional wellbeing. If incontinence is impacting your confidence, here are our tips on how to restore it.

Whether it’s true for you or not, many humans experience insecurities around socialising with friends and family. These insecurities can range from minimal to major, with the potential to negatively impact the opportunity for genuine engagement and relationships with loved ones.

Incontinence is experienced by more than 5 million Australians, from young children through to older people living in care. Unfortunately, even though it is such a common occurrence, it can cause a lack of confidence when engaging socially or moving through the world on a daily basis.

If incontinence is impacting your confidence, try implementing some easy tips and tricks to regain your courage and never miss out on another precious moment with family and friends.

Here are our top 5 tips for preventing incontinence from damaging one's confidence and social life.

1. Remember you’re not alone

Pregnant or postpartum mothers, older adults, younger children, people with diabetes or
other chronic illnesses - incontinence is experienced by a wide range of people for so many

While incontinence can feel isolating sometimes, the reality is that it’s far more common than you may assume. By remembering that this is a common experience, enable yourself to feel more comfortable in social environments and safer in communicating incontinence needs with loved ones.

2. Don’t be afraid to communicate

Incontinence management may require more time or energy on a daily basis for toileting and preparation for social outings - and that’s ok! By communicating your needs, you can remove any space for confusion or unease.

Letting your close family and friends know about continence management considerations is one simple way to open up the communication pathways. It makes it easier for social activities to be shaped with your continence management needs in mind.

3. Use the best products for your needs

Anxiety around continence management is likely to increase if you’re relying on poorly designed or ill-fitting products.

With ConfidenceClub’s "It Fits Or It’s Free" guarantee, you can get full peace of mind in knowing your continence management products are the exact fit for your incontinence needs. Choose from pads, pull-up pants, booster pads and more in order to achieve the quality of coverage you need to move about freely and easily.

4. Talk with your Doctor

When looking for assistance for a continence problem, speaking with your doctor is an excellent place to start. Ask for a long consultation when scheduling an appointment so you have time to explain the issue without feeling rushed.

Medical professionals are trained to provide insightful support across all areas of incontinence management. Their input can help to ease the process, pointing to treatment options and equipment needs that can greatly simplify your day.

5. Check the National Public Toilet Map

Going out, especially to somewhere unfamiliar, may be intimidating for many of us if we don't know where the nearest public toilets are.

One of things you can do before leaving your home to socialise is to look at the National Public Toilet Map (provided by the Department of Health and Aged Care), which lists over 19,000 public and accessible toilets around Australia. This website includes information about accessibility, operating hours, and amenities like showers and sharps disposal.

6. Remember how valued you are

When we experience major life changes, our family and friends play a pivotal role in supporting us through the transition. If incontinence is a new experience for you, don’t withdraw - instead, ask your family to be a part of this process with you, normalising continence management and creating better connectivity as you do so.

ConfidenceClub is built on a desire to equip people of all ages with the full confidence they need to live their best lives. With quality continence management products that can be delivered right to your door, you can remove the blockages that are keeping you from a rich and fulfilling social life, knowing you’ve got the best of care in your continence management needs.

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