5 Reasons Why Menstrual Pads Don’t Work For Bladder Leakage

Ladies, if you’re using menstrual pads to manage your bladder leakage, here’s why they don’t work.

5 Reasons Why Menstrual Pads Don’t Work For Bladder Leakage

Ladies, if you’re using menstrual pads to manage your bladder leakage, here’s why they don’t work.

Bladder leakage, or urinary incontinence, is an extremely common condition among women. In fact, 80% of people who have incontinence in Australia are women.

And although there are a vast range of products specifically made to manage bladder leakage, it’s still common for women to opt for menstrual pads as a quick solution. This may be because they’re easily and widely accessible, but also most women may have them already in their bathroom or handbag.

We’re sorry to say to those women that we’re here to burst the menstrual pad bubble, beause they are not an effective, or hygeinic, way to manage bladder leakage.

Keep reading to find out the reasons why menstrual pads are not suitable for bladder leakage and why specific incontinence products are a much better option.

Absorption Capacity

Menstrual pads are designed to absorb menstrual blood, which has a different consistency and flow to urine.

Urine contains higher concentrations of salts and chemicals, which can quickly saturate a menstrual pad. The absorption of menstrual pads is not designed for the rapid absorption and retention of urine, so you’ll likely experience leakage and discomfort if you’re using them for bladder leakage.

Odour Control

Another crucial aspect of continence management where menstrual pads fall short is odour control.

When urine gets in contact with chemicals and materials found in menstrual pads, it can cause potent odours that are tricky to mask. Incontinence products, on the other hand, are specifically designed to neutralise odours, providing people with greater confidence and comfort, especially in social situations.

Our Dailee range of continence aids feature an odour-locking technology that retain and reduce odours for up to 12 hours! More on these later.

Design & Fit

Menstrual pads are designed in a specific shape and structure to cater to menstruation specifically. They sit in the centre of the underwear and do not provide enough coverage to manage bladder leakage.

Incontinence products - pads, pull-ups and slips - are specifically designed to fit anatomically to the body to capture and retain urine.

Leakage Protection

The quick and forceful release of urine can overwhelm the absorption capability of a menstrual pads, unsurprisingly leading to leaks.

Incontinence products have advanced leak-proof barriers and high-absorbency cores to effectively manage urinary leakage, so women can be sure they’re protected from leaks throughout the day and not have any fear of accidents.

You can actually check out a comparison of menstrual pad versus incontinence pad absorbency on our Instagram to see the difference for yourself!

Skin Health

Prolonged use of menstrual pads for bladder leakage can compromise your skin health. Because the menstrual pad cannot absorb the urine properly, it will be in contact with the skin for longer periods than it should be.

Not only can the ammonia in urine can cause irritation, rashes, redness and even incontinence associated dermatitis  (IAD) when in frequent contact with the skin, but the wetness of the urine against the skin can cause similar issues.

Our product recommendations for women’s bladder leakage

No matter what level of bladder leakage you’re experiencing, we have a product to help maintain your comfort and confidence.

For light bladder leakage:

If you’ve been using menstrual pads to manage light bladder leakage, then you must try our range of Dailee Pads. With a similar look to a menstrual pad, the difference in our pads is that number one, they’re designed for urinary incontinence, and number two, they come in a range of different absorbency levels.

With options from 120mL up to 1000mL, these pads feature both an innovative ultra-dry core and leak barriers for peace of mind. Their active odour lock technology will keep you feeling fresh between changes, and their material is silky soft, dermatologically tested and latex-free to be gentle on the skin.

For moderate to heavy urinary incontinence:

If you’re finding our pads don’t provide quite enough absorbency for your needs, you can also try our Dailee Pants which come in 1700mL and 2200mL absorbency options.  

These pull on and off just like regular underwear, with a soft waistband and slimline design for discretion and comfort. Our pull-up pants have patented Magical Tubes technology, featuring three channels for superior absorbency and fast-drying. Also with odour locking technology, these pants have ultimate defense leakage barriers and leg cuffs for a last line of defence so you don’t have to worry about any accidents throughout the day or night.

If you have no bladder control and/or low mobility, our all-in-one slips will be the best option for you and feature the same technology as our pants, just with higher absorbency levels.

If you need any assistance in finding the right product and absorbency level for your needs, you can take our easy Help Me Choose quiz or contact us to speak to one of our friendly product specialists over the phone, via email or with online chat 6 days a week.

Swap menstrual pads for incontinence pads for bladder leakage!

So as you can probably now gather, while menstrual pads serve a vital purpose in managing menstrual flow, they are not designed to effectively handle bladder leakage.

The unique properties of urine, including its consistency, and odour, requires specific incontinence products with efficient absorption, leak protection, odour control, and skin health maintenance.

Choosing appropriate incontinence products tailored to your needs will not only ensure better management of bladder leakage but will also enhance your comfort, confidence, and overall quality of life!

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