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4 Ways You Can Save When Buying Incontinence Products With ConfidenceClub!

Life is getting expensive, so we want to try and alleviate as much financial stress as we can when buying incontinence products. Here are four ways we help you save…

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4 Ways You Can Save When Buying Incontinence Products With ConfidenceClub!
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Here at ConfidenceClub, we strive to bring you as much value as we can without compromising on the superior quality of the products and customer service we offer.


We want to give back to you, our wonderful community, as a thank you for supporting us in making a difference in the lives of those with incontinence. 

Earn Rewards & Save!

When you create an account with ConfidenceClub (which is free to do by the way!) you’ll start earning reward points and continue to when you shop with us, which you can then use to save on your shop. 


Our rewards program doesn’t just allow you to earn points on your purchases, you can also earn them:


  • On your birthday





  • For writing a product review


You can then start to redeem your points and discount your purchases - all you need to do is click on the Redeem icon during checkout and your points will be instantly converted to a real dollar discount.


You can find out more about how our points system works on our rewards program page.



Give $25, get $25 When You Refer A Friend

Once you’ve created a ConfidenceClub account, as mentioned above, you’ll be given a unique referral link you can share with your friends, family or colleagues. This link will gift them $25 off their first ConfidenceClub purchase.


But it’s also a win-win - because if they use the unique referral link, you’ll also get a $25 discount on your next purchase!


You can share this referral link as much as you like, so the more people that use it the more $25 discounts you’ll get.


 Happy sharing


Save on Scheduled Deliveries

Opting into our Never Run Out service means just that - you’ll never run out of your incontinence products!


This service automates your orders so that when you’re starting to run low on your items, we know to automatically send you more. All you need to do is tell us how many of which product/s you use per day and we take care of the rest! 


Our Never Run Out service is completely free by the way, and aside from the fact it’s the ultimate in convenience, it also saves you an extra 10% on your purchase.


That’s a few extra dollars in your pocket that you can put towards other necessities.


Choose Cartons

The option to purchase single packs of our pads and guards, pull-ups, slips and youth pants is always there, but another way to save some extra dollars is to opt for a carton of your go-to product.


While the savings differ from product to product because of factors like different pack sizes and absorbency levels, you could save up to 13% per carton!


For example, a single pack (14 pull-ups) of Dailee Pants Super works out to be $1.88 per piece, while a carton (84 pieces) works out to be $1.78 per piece.


So, if you were to buy 6 single packs of these you’d be spending $157.92, as opposed to $149.52 for the carton. 


We hope you’ve found these 4 ways you can save when shopping for incontinence products with ConfidenceClub helpful.


If you have any questions about the above or anything else related to our range, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of product specialists 6 days a week. Contact us here.