4 Waterproof Furniture Protectors You Need To Make Your Living Areas Incontinence-Friendly

These waterproof furniture protectors will give you added peace of mind and protection against leaks in your lounge room and other living spaces.

4 Waterproof Furniture Protectors You Need To Make Your Living Areas Incontinence-Friendly

These waterproof furniture protectors will give you added peace of mind and protection against leaks in your lounge room and other living spaces.

As we know, ensuring you’re wearing the right continence aids for your needs will give you the best possible protection against incontinence leaks.

However, sometimes accidents can still happen. And it’s in those moments that having waterproof furniture protectors will give you added confidence that an extra layer of defence will quickly absorb any unsuspected leaks.

Keep reading to discover which 4 waterproof furniture protectors you need to make your living areas incontinence-friendly.

1. Essential Washable Absorbent Chair Pad 50x60cm - Twin Pack

These washable Essential Washable Absorbent Chair Pads have been designed not only for use on household chairs and wheelchairs but for car seats too, and absorb up to 550mL of liquid.

The fact they’re machine washable up to 300 times and tumble-dry safe (low heat only, below 30℃) means they’re super convenient to clean and reuse. They come in twin packs too, so while one’s in the wash you can alternate it with the other!

They’re made with an advanced 4-layer design and come in four colourways (white, black, grey and red tartan) so you can choose the look best suited to your home!

    • Top Layer:
      The white, black and grey protectors are made using 180gsm polyester for super soft, cushion-like comfort. The red tartan colourway is also made from polyester.
    • Second Layer:
      This layer is made from 270gsm polyester and features a rayon soaker to effectively draw in moisture.
    • Third Layer:
      This is a leak-prevention TPU lamination coating, so the liquid is unable to escape once absorbed through the second layer into the third.
    • Base Layer:
      The fourth and final layer is a polyester tricot fabric which provides a sturdy but soft base.

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2. Essential Washable Absorbent Furniture Protector 60x90cm - Twin Pack

The washable Essential Washable Absorbent Furniture Protector has the same look and four-layer design as the chair pad above, it just covers a larger surface area - perfect for couches, wider chairs and even beds.

This washable furniture protector also absorbs up to 1000mL of liquid if you need something with higher absorbency than a chair pad.

Available in five trendy colourways (white, black, grey, red tartan and blue tartan) to suit your interior, these protectors are also machine washable up to 300 times and can be tumble dried at low heat (below 30℃).

They’re extremely soft against the skin and won’t slip and slide around the couch or chair for added security and comfort

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3. Essential Washable Absorbent Non-Slip Mat 50x60cm - Twin Pack

The Essential Washable Absorbent Non-Slip Mats are versatile enough to be used on both furniture and floors and absorb up to 500mL of liquid.

They feature embedded non-slip dots on their base, designed to prevent movement on material surfaces like carpets, floors and furniture. Despite this non-slip make, they’re still as soft as the other washable products and feature the same four-layer design using soft and cushiony fleece and polyester on the top layer, and the absorbent, leak-proof second and third layers that prevent leaks.

Wash these non-slip mats up to 300 times and tumble dry on low heat (below 30℃) - they’re that easy to clean!

You can choose from three colourways: black, blue tartan and red tartan.

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4. Disposable Chair Protector Underpad 60x60cm - Pack of 30

If you prefer, you can try our disposable Chair Protector Underpads on your chair, or bed, which absorb up to 983mL.

These will of course save you on laundry costs and washing efforts, as they can be thrown away after each use (when wet or soiled).

While these underpads are extremely durable thanks to their anti-tear material, they are still extremely soft thanks to their non-woven, cotton-like top sheet. This top sheet will effectively draw in fluid and trap it in its tissue-wrapped core.

The waterproof, polypropylene back sheet also ensures no liquid escapes and keeps the underpad in place.

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If you have any questions about our waterproof furniture protectors, please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with our friendly team of product specialists.

And remember, we have an extensive range of wearable incontinence aids - including women’s pads and men's guards, pull-up pants, all-in-one slips and booster pads. These make for the best first line of defence against incontinence leaks and they also neutralise odours for up to 12 hours so you can stay fresh between changes.

We look forward to helping you live more confidently!

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