ConfidenceClub Bed Protector Underpad - 90x60cm



This is a large rectangular absorption pad suitable for protecting larger areas like beds from unexpected leaks. The quality is great, and the seal on all four sides reduces the risk of side-leakage.


90cm x 60cm

Greater security while in bed 

Generous size Underpad Protector to keep beds dry and odour free.

Additional protection for bed sheets and mattresses giving more confidence and peace of mind to users and their carers.

Dimensions of each underpad: 60cm x 90cm 

Product Features:

  • Soft, non-woven, cotton-like top sheet provides greater comfort
  • Top layer draws fluid in
  • Tissue wrapped core contains leaks
  • Polypropylene waterproof backsheet keeps bed dry and also holds the underpad in place
  • Strong 'anti-tear' material 

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