ConfidenceClub Unisex Booster Pad - Ultra Thin



These booster pads are designed for use inside a pull-up or all-in-one, to give you a bit more absorbency. They should not be used without an outer product because they are designed to leak through, allowing both the booster and the outer product to work for you concurrently.


250mL Working Capacity


29cm x 9cm

Add absorbency to disposable Pants or All-in-One Slips

Our Ultra Thin Booster pads are exceptionally slim, yet give significant additional confidence when you would like more absorbency, but do not wish to wear really bulky Pants or Slips. These Booster Pads have an adhesive strip to attach to the inside of another absorbent product. They are soft and gentle for a more comfortable feel against the skin


29cm x 9cm. Only 3mm thick!

Product Features:

  • Super absorbent polymer enhances dryness even with the ultra thin appearance
  • Soft and gentle on your skin
  • Odour Reduction Control retains freshness
  • Breathable to allow airflow and reduce heat buildup
  • Soft cotton-like top sheet
  • Latex Free
  • Adhesive strip keeps Pad securely in place
  • Each Pad is individually wrapped so spares can discreetly be taken anywhere

Do not use Booster Pads as your only protective aid - they must be used in conjunction with another absorbent product, preferably ConfidenceClub All-In-One Slips, since they are designed to leak when full providing additional absorbency on top of the absorbency of the outer product.

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