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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dailee Bed Premium Air - 90x60cm, which can absorb up to 1900mL

Our protectors are adaptable and versatile, so you can use them how you see fit. For best results, though, we suggest placing them on top of the sheet to stop any pesky leaks reaching your sheets or mattress.

Since kids can be squirmy and curious, we strongly recommend placing protectors under their fitted sheet. You can opt for our waterproof fitted sheets for extra overnight protection.

Our protectors are super easy to use - for disposables, just place them white side up! And for the washables, make sure they’re quilted side up.

Protect, wash, dry, repeat - it’s that easy! Once your washable protector has absorbed any leaks or spills, simply throw it into the washing machine (up to 300 times) and let it air dry or tumble dry.

If tumble drying, make sure it’s at a low temperature less than 30°C.

You sure can!

Just make sure it’s on a low setting at a low temperature (under 30 degrees).

Be sure to dispose of them after each use to keep your belongings squeaky clean and maintain good hygiene.

While our protectors have slip resistance, we recommend opting for our range of waterproof bedding instead (like our fitted sheets or mattress protector) if you’re an active sleeper or concerned about it moving out of place during the night.

Our washable protectors have a 4-layer design that means they draw in leaks or spills quickly and keep the top layer dry to touch.

The top layer is a cushion-soft fleece made of polyester, which is on top of a second polyester and rayon layer that draws in moisture. Then a leak-proof lamination layer, followed by a super strong polyester tricot fabric as the fourth layer.

Protect your child's space with our reliable and discreet furniture and mattress protectors.

ConfidenceClub provides reliable and discreet furniture and mattress protectors for big kids and teens. Our products are designed to keep beds, chairs, and other furniture dry and protected from leaks, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free environment for young people.

Our furniture and mattress protectors are crafted from soft, absorbent materials that quickly lock in moisture, preventing leaks from reaching the surfaces below. With features like rapid dry-feel technology and up to 12 hours of odour control, these protectors keep your child's space fresh and clean. Designed to fit seamlessly into any room, they offer discreet protection that blends into the background while providing superior performance.

Give your big kids and teens the confidence to sleep and relax without worry. Explore our range of furniture and mattress protectors today and discover the peace of mind that comes with ConfidenceClub's reliable solutions.

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