Thank You!

We are very focused on our daily mission to help give our customers
confidence to live their lives to the full,
but today we want to stop and say Thank You!


A week ago we asked our customers to vote on how likely they would be to recommend us to others. This is a common worldwide measure for scoring the performance of businesses, as no-one would recommend a business if they were not happy.

An average score of over 5 is considered good.


We received over 300 responses
with an average score of
9.5 out of 10


This is a World Class result and we are truly humbled.


We know our products and services are excellent, but one major element that has contributed to this great result is our Customer Service.

So today we also say Thank You to Judy, who heads up our Customer Service Team, for the countless hours of going over and above to make our customers’ experience easier and better.

When we passed on your feedback to Judy she said: "I love speaking, chatting and emailing with our customers. I know it's not always for good reasons, but I feel good knowing that I'm helping."

... and of course, Thank You to all our valued customers for all your support and the kind words many of you sent us.


Thank You!


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