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Making Our Website More Accessible For All

The many ways we've made our website more accessible than ever before.

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Making Our Website More Accessible For All
Table of contents

ConfidenceClub Website Accessibility

You're probably familiar with disabled access in the physical world - for example designing buildings with wheelchair access ramps or, better still, designing for accessibility from the start so that the front door is placed at ground level.

Over 1 billion people in the world have some form of disability and a lot of these people are online. The digital world has however largely ignored them.

We've Also Been Guilty Of This

At ConfidenceClub we too have been guilty in the past of designing our website so that it is "easy to use and looks good", but for who really?

Building "The Ramp"

Thanks to the Web Accessibility Initiative there is now a single shared global standard for web content accessibility called the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This provides a set of recommendations to make it easier for people to see and hear content, and to engage with functionality and navigate web pages.

Ready For Access

We've now addressed our access limitations that made us non-compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and we can now support a larger audience of people who wish to access our website.

On all our pages you will now notice a new icon of a person. When you tap on this it brings up a number of controls you can use to customise the presentation of the website to better support particular needs.

There are many options available such as increasing the colour contrast, making content less distracting, supporting keyboard navigation, using more readable fonts, highlighting links and so much more.

And if you don't need this tool and want to hide the icon simply tap on it and click on the "Hide Interface" button.

If you've been having difficulties using our website then we really hope this helps.