How We Save Our Customers Over $1,000 A Year

Like all our customers, you don't want to be paying any more than you need to ... especially if the cheaper option is actually a more comfortable and functional product! Here is a typical example showing how shopping at ConfidenceClub is not only about quality, convenience and discretion, it's also about being wiser with your money.

Savings Example:

Let's say you use a comfortable, quality, moderately absorbent pull-up, and let's say you use one of the market-leading brands - either the Tena Pants Plus or the Depend Real Fit. Both are trusted products generally available for between $1.50 and $2.27 a piece.

If you're an average user using 4 each day then you could save between $1,102 and $1,574 by switching to ConfidenceClub's Premium Pull-Up Pants.

Of course you would need to be happy with the size, fit and absorbency of our product, because the products are not identical - the ConfidenceClub Pull-Ups are in fact more absorbent and can support a larger waist size.

And our customers love them too!

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So why not give our products a try - so that we can hopefully bring you greater comfort and save you a fortune!

Our Comparison Data:

  • $1.50 : Depend Real Fit Super Large at On Sale for $15.99 for an 8 pack on 2018/07/04
  • $2.27 : Tena Pants Plus Large at for $31.80 for a 14 pack on 2018/07/04
  • ConfidenceClub Pull-Up Pants at for $95.63 for an 80 pack recurring order on 2018/07/04
  • Absorbency Comparison: Tena 864mL, Depend 880mL, ConfidenceClub 950mL
  • Size Comparison: Tena 135cm, Depend 127cm, ConfidenceClub 140cm
  • All comparison orders assumed to be over $50 to free delivery eligible areas

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