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5 Incontinence Accessories You Need In Your Kit!

Alongside your wearable incontinence aids, there are some other accessories we recommend having in your kit to enhance your skin health, comfort and confidence.

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5 Incontinence Accessories You Need In Your Kit!
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Ensuring you’re wearing the right incontinence aids, whether pull-ups, slips, pads or guards, is so important. It allows you to live your life comfortably and confidently while managing your incontinence.


But aside from your wearables, having a kit of incontinence accessories can make quite the impact on your comfort day-to-day.


In this article, we’ll talk you through the accessories we recommend having in your kit for an enhanced experience. Of course, every person is different so you may choose to include all or just some of these items in your kit - that’s up to you!


1. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes play a super important role in maintaining hygiene, comfort, and skin health for those with incontinence. 


As you may know or have experienced personally, incontinence can lead to frequent and unpredictable episodes of urinary or faecal leakage, which can result in skin irritation and discomfort. Especially so if it’s not cleaned effectively.

Wet wipes provide a gentle and effective solution for refreshing your intimate areas without causing further irritation. Unlike regular toilet paper, wet wipes are moistened and often contain soothing ingredients such as aloe vera or chamomile, relieving sensitive skin. 


This moisture helps to thoroughly cleanse your skin while minimising friction, reducing the risk of chafing and inflammation. The convenience of wet wipes is also a major plus! Along with having them in your home, you can easily pack them with you when you go travelling, to work or to any other public spaces.


Our RealCare Wipes are pH-balanced, dermatologically tested and fragrance-free to be extremely gentle on the skin. They contain those soothing ingredients mentioned above, aloe vera and chamomile, as well as vitamin E to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. They’re also an extra-large design (23x30cm) to clean larger surface areas quicker and more effectively!


Remember, all wet wipes are single-use and need to be disposed of after use - and avoid flushing them as this can cause plumbing blockages.


2. Gloves

Now for some, the need for gloves might render pointless. However, they should be an essential part of a carer’s kit at all times.


Caring for someone with incontinence may require you to change their incontinence products and help them with toileting and cleaning away urine and/or stool.


Gloves not only maintain your health as a carer, but they also make the process of caring for someone with incontinence 100% hygienic. Now you shouldn’t just rush out and buy any old disposable gloves. You need to make sure they’re gentle enough on skin to avoid irritation - or them breaking!


Our range of Nitrile Powder Free Gloves are latex-free and chemical-resistant, making them both comfortable and durable. They also feature micro-texture finger tips to give added grip where you need it, without them compromising on their gentle feel.


As it goes with wet wipes, gloves should also be disposed of immediately after use.

3. Hand Sanitiser

Whether you’re the person experiencing incontinence, or you’re the person caring for someone else who does, ensuring you’re washing your hands after each change and trip to the bathroom is crucial. It not only maintains proper hygiene, but stops the spread of harmful bacteria and germs.


However, we know that sometimes hand soap may not be easily accessible (in a public bathroom for example), or you may be in a scenario without running water, so having hand sanitiser in your kit is a great idea.


Ensuring you choose a hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol content will ensure you’re removing germs and bacteria as effectively as possible. It’s recommended by health professionals to always opt for handwashing with soap over using hand sanitiser for the most effective cleaning, however, hand sanitiser is a great backup!


4. Furniture Protectors

While leaks can be a thing of the past with our range of highly absorbent Dailee incontinence aids, having a last line of defence in the form of furniture protectors will give you added peace of mind.


Our range of bed and furniture protectors are available in both washable and disposable forms and protect your bed, chairs, wheelchair and even the floor from any potential leaks that might occur. The washable protectors are all super soft and padded so are comfortable to have on your couch or chair at all times.


Disposable protectors are a great option especially for travel as you can dispose of them after each use instead of trying to find a laundry to wash a reusable protector.


5. Barrier Cream 

Barrier cream is essential for your incontinence kit. This product will act as a protective shield for your skin against the potentially harmful effects that come with prolonged exposure to moisture and irritants from urine and stool. 


Prolonged contact with urine and stool can cause skin breakdown, redness, and discomfort and lead to conditions like incontinence associated dermatitis


Applying a barrier cream to your skin prevents irritants from penetrating it and causing damage. Barrier creams typically contain ingredients such as zinc oxide or dimethicone, which soothe, moisturise, and create a protective layer. 


Speak to your GP or pharmacist about which barrier creams you should use if you’re unsure.


We hope you’ve found this article helpful! Remember, this is generic advice only and for personalised health or medical advice you should seek guidance from a professional.

About the Author: Gabriella Del Grande

Having begun her career as a journalist, Gabriella has been weaving words to create engaging and educational content for over a decade. Gabriella loves to write insightful pieces that empower readers to take control of their health and wellbeing so they can live their lives to the fullest. Along with crafting articles, Gabriella has an eye for design, producing and overseeing visual content from short-form Instagram reels and TikToks to long-form brand campaigns and video series.

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