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Who We Are

Over 4.5m Australians use continence support aids in managing their bladder and bowel functions.

Through personal experience we realised that the prices of these consumables (specifically pads, guards, pull-up pants and slips) are ridiculously expensive in Australia.

We found that while there is an abundance of information on the web, sifting through all that to find just what you need was very difficult. We also found that most retailers in this space seem to lack care and empathy in servicing the market.

So, we put together a team that includes continence practitioner nurses, technology experts, product specialists, care managers, home delivery professionals, and other health and business focused people to change this

And ConfidenceClub was born.

ConfidenceClub Values

Happy Customers

Our customers know that we care about them and their needs - always

Informed Choices

We help people make well informed choices on how to manage their continence. We provide anonymous support from our highly qualified Continence Nurses


We allow our customers and their carers to easily arrange the right quantity of the right product to be delivered directly to them, in discreet packaging, and on a schedule that ensures they never run out. We call these Set & Forget orders

Unbeatable Value

Supply high quality, reliable, fit-for-purpose continence supports priced as low as possible

Yours In Confidence

We have Confidence in our products, Confidence in our service and Confidence in the benefits we believe we can bring to our customers' lives.

We back this Confidence with our ‘no-questions-asked money back guarantee’. So if at any time you are not 100% satisfied with our products, we will refund you in full.

So why not see if our products are suitable for you and save up to 50% off comparable market brands.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service.

Yours In Confidence


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