A Little Bit of Magic

A Little Bit of Magic


Ordering a sample is easy. You choose what you want to try and a few days later a parcel arrives like it was magic. Ok, so it’s not all done with magic, but there is actually a little bit of magic in there.

It’s the kind of magic that lifts your spirit and puts a skip in your step.

It’s called Print35.


We are so proud to work with companies like ConfidenceClub who provide work opportunities for our clients and financially support our business

Elena Tsetlin, Manager Print35 Design Studio 



Print35 provides work opportunities for up to 21 people with a disability. This is so important for these ‘supported employees’ and of course for their families - it makes a huge difference to their lives.

Print35 is probably best known for its Pop Up shops that sell such great parcels and gifts for religious holidays, but it also designs and prints serviettes, invitations, as well as promotional brochures, reports, business cards etc. With its 2 in-house designers it couldn’t be easier to make the best impression for your business.  Print35 also undertakes packaging and mailing jobs for many companies including ConfidenceClub.

If you have a need for design, print or packaging work then you should contact Print35 on (02) 8302 0231 or www.print35.com.au


Two Important Responsibilities

Offering samples allows us to satisfy two of our important responsibilities.

Firstly, we take our responsibility to our customers seriously. For example we don’t believe anyone should take a financial risk when choosing a product that needs to fit right and perform reliably. For many of our customers money is tight so we take the risk that our products might not be suitable. That’s why we’ve always offered free samples and will continue to do so. It is an important part of our responsibility to our customers.

Secondly, we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. Engaging with Print35 to prepare and dispatch our samples ensures we can offer meaningful work to Australians that wish to contribute despite difficulties they may face finding work that matches their abilities.


Garron Lipschitz

I like Depend ,the only thing is they are expensive .im on the pension.iwonder if there is a cheaper one around in the pant style.

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