Being part of the community is at our core

Did you know that when a new customer orders a sample from us they are helping generate meaningful work within the community? Giving back is a core value at ConfidenceClub - that’s why we choose to partner with a very special local provider for our sample fulfilment called Print35. We regularly pop in to visit them and we have to say it’s one of the best parts of our week.

Who are Print 35?

Print35 is probably best known for its Pop Up shops that sell such great parcels and gifts for religious holidays, but you may not know that is also provides work opportunities for up to 21 people with a disability. They are 100% inclusive and any person with an intellectual disability who is looking for a job can apply to work for regardless of age, gender, language, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

Working for Print35 provides these ‘supported employees’ with the opportunity to build important skills, contributing to their personal development and sense of self worth that benefits not only them but their families.

We are so proud to work with companies like ConfidenceClub who provide meaningful work opportunities for our staff and financially support our business.

Elena Tsetlin, Manager Print35 Design Studio

It’s not just our packaging and mailing work that helps provide employment. Print35 also design and print serviettes, invitations, promotional brochures and business cards. With its 2 in-house designers it couldn’t be easier to make the best impression for your business.

If you have a need for design, print or packaging work then you should contact Print35 on (02) 8302 0231 or


Two Core Values - Care and Confidence

Offering samples allows us to satisfy two of our important values for ConfidenceClub:


Incontinence product users may need to try multiple products before they find the right one for them and for many of our customers money is tight. We take out the risk out by offering free samples so they don’t have to waste money on the wrong product. We also care about corporate social responsibility and engaging with Print35 to prepare and dispatch our samples ensures we can offer meaningful work to Australians that wish to contribute despite difficulties they may face finding work that matches their abilities.



It’s estimated up to 80% of incontinence sufferers are using the wrong product, that’s why we believe sampling is so important to give our customers the confidence to know they’ve made the right choice.


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