Size 7+ Nappies for Youth & Teens

We know it can be difficult to find size 7 nappies in supermarkets and pharmacies, which is why we created a more size-inclusive range with options for children and teens from ages 4-15!



Our range of youth pants for children and teens not only feels just like regular underwear, but has a superior soft and stretchy waistband, making them easier to pull on and off as well as giving greater comfort and freedom of movement to your child.

The Magical Tube technology from Drylock offers superior moisture wicking and absorbency, which aids in keeping your child's skin clean, dry and in healthy condition.



When looking for an effective product for child and teen incontinence, it’s important that a product quickly absorbs urine and locks it away.

The patented Magical Tube technology from Drylock is designed for optimum absorbency performance - quickly collecting, distributing and locking the urine away into the pants. This prevents rewetting as well as shortening the overall time it takes for liquid to absorb, enhancing comfort and keeping skin in optimal condition.


The added Flash Dry technology means your child feels dry all the time, while the active odour lock with odour neutralising material works to keep your child feeling fresh for up to 12 hours.

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We understand how frustrating finding larger sized youth nappies in-store can be.
That’s why we created a range of youth pants that fit children and teens aged between 4 and 15 years old!

The absorbency of our youth pants is second to none.
For example, our range of Magics Youth Pants feature patented magical tube technology that ensures ultra-fast drying to keep your child comfortable between changes. Their ultimate defence leakage barriers and leg cuffs provide added protection to avoid any pesky leaks.

Our youth nappies are made with super soft, slimline materials to ensure they feel like real underwear and fit discreetly under clothes without compromising on absorbency. Our Magics range also boast an impressive odour locking technology which keeps the wearer fresh for up to 12 hours!

Whether your child is experiencing bedwetting, daytime wetting and/or soiling, our nappies will have them covered and comfortable. They’re suitable for moderate to heavy bladder leakage, faecal and mixed incontinence. Rest assured your child’s skin health is also looked after, thanks to our range’s breathable, latex-free and dermatologically tested make.

Try our size 7+ nappies today completely risk-free with our 100% money back guarantee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What size do your youth nappies go up to?

We have size options to fit children aged from 4 years old up to 15 years old.

How do I know if my child’s nappy is the right size?

Firstly check the weight of your child, this will help you understand which size is best.

  • - Magics Ages 4-7 (17-30kg)
  • - Magics Ages 8-15 (27-57kg)
  • - iD Comfy Juniors Ages 4-7 (17-27kg)
  • - iD Comfy Juniors Ages 8-15 (24-47kg)

Before putting the pants on your child, or before they put them on themselves, fold them in half length-ways and rub them a few times. This helps soften them so they’ll better mould to the body.

Then make sure the leak guards in the leg holes are flared upwards towards the waist band. This will ensure maximum protection against leaks. The pants should fit snug on the waist and legs without being uncomfortably tight.

The waist band and leg cuffs should fit securely - but not tight - against the body. As like when a nappy is too big, if a nappy is too small it can cause leaks. You can also judge whether the size is correct based off the weight suggestions on our youth pants.

What’s your most popular youth incontinence products

Magics Youth Pants for ages 4-7 and 8-15 are our most popular brand for children and teens. Over 90% of those who reviewed our Magics pants would recommend them to a friend.

Our waterproof bedding and protectors are also a popular add-on for parents and carers shopping for youth pants. These help protect a child’s bed and any furniture they use from leaks and add an added layer of confidence and comfort to their incontinence experience.

If my child is over 15 and still needs pull-up pants, what can they use?

If your child is over the age of 15 and requires incontinence pants, you can try the smaller sizes from our adult unisex range, such as our iD Pants Plus in Extra Small. View our full-range of adult pull-ups here to see what will suit your child best.

If you need any guidance, our team of product specialists will be more than happy to help!




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