Preparing For An Incontinence Assessment

Tips on being prepared so that you are assessed correctly

Some funding schemes require you to undergo a continence assessment by a qualified continence assessor. The continence assessor should conduct a comprehensive assessment to firstly determine the cause of your incontinence problem and secondly to advise about any treatments which may assist.


Finding An Assessor

Continence assessors can be difficult to locate.

It could be beneficial to contact:

  • - the government funding scheme you have identified as being the best to suit your circumstances (e.g. My Aged Care, NDIS)
  • - your doctor
  • - your case manager
  • - your local community health centre, or
  • - The Continence Foundation of Australia 1800 33 00 66 or
  • What To Expect

The assessor should ask about:

  • - your medical issues
  • - any surgery you may have had
  • - any pregnancies and gynaecological issues (females only)
  • - any medications you may be taking (take a list with you)
  • - your bowel management (and maybe ask that you keep some bowel records)
  • - what fluids you drink, how much you drink, how often you need to pass your urine and how much you pass each time (you may be asked to keep records of this)
  • - what incontinence products you use and whether they do as you require


The assessor may also ask to do a physical examination and/or write to your doctor or case manager to explain what has been suggested or about things have been identified that may need further medical assessment.


  • Being Prepared

When you have your assessment it would be wise to take with you:

  • - a list of your medications and
  • - a list with names of the products you use to manage your incontinence (telling the assessor the pad is a specific colour or how many drips are on the packet doesn’t always help the assessor to identify your preferred product)


A thorough continence assessment can take a long time so be prepared and allow the time for the complete assessment. Bring a support person with you if you are worried or think you may need help in understanding the process or further suggestions.

You may like to try some different products (other than what you are currently using) to ask the assessor about other suitable products and where you can get them.


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