The iD Brand

A quality range of disposable continence aids carefully selected for our customers who want the extra choice

About The iD Brand

The iD brand is produced by one of Europe’s leading hygienic disposable manufacturers, built on their long experience in the sector in combination with consumer studies and sophisticated lab testing. Sustainable manufacturing technologies, complemented by rigorous testing processes ensure all iD products are made to the highest standards. Around the world, more than 2.5 million people use iD products, trusting their expertise to reduce the inconvenience of incontinence in their everyday lives.

Offering Increased Customer Choice

The range of iD Brand products we sell has been very carefully selected to offer you:

More Options

In sizes, absorbencies and styles

Exceptional Value

Stretching your dollar further

Uncompromising Quality

Products you can trust

Waists 50cm - 170cm

Increased Absorbencies

  • Many people feel that higher absorbencies gives them increased confidence when out and about
  • For skin health we don't recommend that a higher absorbency should translate to changing less often

Personal Preference

  • Velcro-style fasting tabs on the all-in-one slips
  • Stretch-waist on the all-in-one slips
  • Different manufacturing that may suit your body shape

The entire range of iD Brand products sold by ConfidenceClub are still supported by the same amazing service, the smart supply options (including Never Run Out) and our generous policies. We've embraced the iD product range as our own.

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