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#1 Comfort

Nothing else is as important as the quality of the products, and nothing else is more important to us either. All our products have been expertly developed to be comfortable when you don't need them and perform well when you do. They are made from the finest quality materials that are assembled using exacting manufacturing quality standards to create products you can trust to do their job every time, while minimising the risk of leakages, skin irritations and unpleasant odours.

#2 Cost-Effective

Our products have been developed by engineers and continence experts to deliver the best balance of performance and price. For example, we've developed our products to have the right amount of absorbency to perform well when they're needed, yet not be so highly absorbent that they encourage people to use them long enough to risk skin health. It's a careful balance that we've worked out for you.

#3 Convenience

For most people the need for continence management products is deeply personal. We believe in delivering them to your home so that no-one sees them in your shopping trolley at the supermarket. Furthermore they are delivered in discreet brown boxes with no description of the products inside so their contents are not discovered by nosey neighbours.

These products can be bulky and difficult to transport, especially if you need several pieces each day. If you're ordering for yourself or someone you care for, then you are familiar with the inconvenience of needing to go to the store every week for supplies. We deliver to you to remove this hassle, and we have the option of doing this on a schedule that matches your needs.

#4 Confidence

Running out of essential supplies is as major concern. With our exclusive Never Run Out service you tell us how many pieces of a product you need each day and we send you a carton exactly when you need it, plus a little bit extra (for free) because we know that sometimes you'll need a little bit more. It is truly a worry-free service. There are no commitments so you can change or cancel at any time.

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