How to Make Money
As a ConfidenceClub Affiliate

Welcome to ConfidenceClub, Australia's one stop shop for the best value continence supports.

Program Benefits

  • FREE to join
  • Lifetime commissions on all referrals
  • the confidence that we will supply excellent product backed by exceptional service

What Is An Affiliate?

An affiliate is anyone that can refer ConfidenceClub to one or more individuals. When one of the referred people place an order at you earn a commission without the buyer knowing.

Why Become An Affiliate?

It’s an effortless way to earn money. If people you can communicate with need a particular product then why not recommend a trusted supplier and earn a commission for doing so. It’s also a great way to fund your online community efforts.

Who Should Be An Affiliate?

Anyone can become an affiliate. It works best for people that have some sort of online community. Perhaps you write a blog, coordinate a social group, run a helpdesk, moderate an online forum, sell through an online store, maintain a Facebook group – any kind of online community.

How Does It Work?

When you sign up as an affiliate you are given a special link. Anyone who clicks on that link is sent to the website and is identified to the system as someone referred by you.

How Much Can I Earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn. You will earn 7% from every sale and every future sale. For example, if you send a new lead to and they spend $100 then you will earn $7 for that referral, and you will continue to earn 7% from every future order of that person regardless of whether or not they follow your special link ever again. We will simply continue to pay you.

Other Details?

There are a few special rules that we follow so that the system cannot be abused and ruin it for everyone else:

  • Commissions are paid a month after the order is paid for
  • Commissions are reversed if the customer is issued a refund
  • Only the first affiliate to refer someone will earn the commission
  • Commissions are paid to your PayPal or bank account

Joining Up

When you click the Join Now button above you are taken to our affiliate system where you register to instantly receive your unique referral link that will look something like this:

You can immediately start to share this link to your network, e.g. in your emails, through your favourite online social network or on a web page or blog article.

Viewing Your Commissions

In the portal there is a link called Commissions to view all the sales made by people you’ve referred, the status of their orders and the commissions payable.

The portal is accessible at all times at:

Tip: Hiding The Link

If you wish to use your link in a blog article or on a web page and you don't want people to know you're earning a commission then use the following HTML with your special link substituted in it:

<a href="" alt="ConfidenceClub"></a>

This will appear on your page simply as and none of your community will see that you are earning a commission from their orders.