All-In-One Incontinence Slips

Designed for those less mobile, our all-in-one slips (also called adult nappies) are our highest-absorbing wearable. They’re adaptable to all kinds of bodies and fuss-free to put on and take off, for both the wearer and the carer thanks to their sticky side tabs.

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Our pull-up pants are made to fit just like underwear, with the capacity to rapidly absorb moderate to heavy bladder voids and bowel incontinence without bulk. Just pull them on and away you go!

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Real Customer Reviews

Most comfortable nappies I've ever worn.

"These are my new favourite adult nappies, they are so comfortable. I thought they were a bit thin compared to other brand's products, but they are every bit as absorbent, and way more comfortable..,"


"Finally I have found the right product, definitely as dependable as it is unnoticeable. So perfect that I have over ordered a bit, but I'll be back... Thank you kindly."

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely - our range of slips are designed to fit adults of all ages.

Our slips are our highest-absorbing wearable and are suitable for heavy urinary and/or bowel incontinence, absorbing any leaks in a flash and neutralising odours.

We care about giving you the most accurate information on all of our products, so we let you know the maximum capacity in mL. This varies per product, so you can easily find this information by clicking through to the product page.

We get it, it can be confusing! There are a lot of different terms used for this type of product, but you can rest assured you’ve found it here.

Incontinence products including slips are completely safe and healthy for adults to use, and are a common requirement for many.

Our products are proudly dermatologically tested, latex-free and made of fully breathable materials to help keep delicate and sensitive skin dry and healthy.

As with all incontinence aids, it's important to change as soon as they're wet or soiled to help keep your skin happy, healthy and irritation-free.

From time to time with the use of incontinence aids, unpleasant rashes or irritations can occur - health professionals call this incontinence associated dermatitis (or IAD). It's important to keep the area clean and dry, as well as changing your incontinence aid whenever it is wet or soiled to help avoid this. Be sure to see a healthcare professional for advice if you experience any symptoms of IAD.

It's important to never flush adult diapers or any incontinence products as it can lead to plumbing blockages. Instead, tip any faecal matter (if any) into the toilet prior to tightly wrapping it and placing it into a nappy bag or other opaque bag prior to disposing it into a general waste bin.