Bladder Weakness Incontinence Pads - Unisex Regular - 25cm x 13cm


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Breathable. Discreet. Absorbent.

ConfidenceClub RealCare Pads for bladder weakness are anatomically designed in an hourglass shape to fit the natural contours of your body.

Suitable for both women and men who desire a product that gives them Confidence against light to moderate bladder leakage.

They are discreet and flexible and the elastic strands conform to your body shape for maximum comfort and secure fit against leakage.

The highly absorbent core contains Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) that quickly reacts to absorb moisture away from your skin surface and locks in wetness deep in the core.

With the odour reduction system and a ventilated breathable back sheet, these bladder weakness pads provide discreet quality with every use.

Working Capacity: ~ 250ml absorbency

  • Unisex - suitable for Women & Men
  • Wide adhesive strip keeps pad securely in place in underwear
  • Odour reduction system
  • Super absorbent core locks in wetness maintaining a fresh and dry feel 
  • Contoured design with elastic strands for discreet, secure fit
  • Breathable backsheet prevents heat build-up and enhances skin health
  • Latex free

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