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Use it a bit like a cricket box inside your underwear to avoid public embarrassment from minor to moderate urine output. They have a wedge-shape design for use by men only.


400mL Working Capacity


One size fits all men

Save on highly effective, disposable, discreet ConfidenceClub Guards for Men

If you are an active male, choose this discreet Guard for Men to give you all the confidence you need.

Anatomically designed for men to protect against light to moderate bladder leakage. This Guard for Men is worn within your normal underwear and has an adhesive strip to keep it securely in place. 

Dimensions: 320 x 150mm

 Absorbency: ~ 400ml capacity

Product Features:

  • Super absorbent core with fast acquisition layer draws moisture in and optimises dryness
  • Soft breathable back sheet for increased comfort
  • Elastic side guards helps protect clothing
  • Odour control for freshness
  • Each Guard is individually wrapped and spares can discreetly be stored in a jacket or pants pocket
  • Latex free 
  • Compact and easy to dispose of 

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