ConfidenceClub Bed and Chair Protector Underpad - 60x60cm



This is a square absorption pad with an absorbent top and plastic bottom designed to protect chairs and wheelchairs. I especially like that it is sealed on all four sides to reduce the risk of side-leakage.


60cm x 60cm

Great Value for high absorbency chair and bed protector

Essential additional protection layer for beds and chairs that will save on laundry costs and effort. Feel secure in your own bed knowing that you have additional support in case of leaks.

Dimensions of each underpad: 60cm x 60cm


Product Features:

  • Soft, non-woven, cotton-like top sheet for greater comfort
  • Dry-feel top layer that draws fluid in
  • Tissue wrapped core keeps liquid contained
  • Waterproof backsheet made of polypropylene which also keeps the underpad in place
  • Strong 'anti-tear' material 

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