All-in-One Premium Adult Nappy - MEDIUM (75cm - 120cm)


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This is a large wraparound with great absorbency and odour control to discreetly contain high levels of urinary or faecal incontinence while standing, seated or lying down. The four resealable tab closures stick well to the front panel and allow for easy changing. I recommend these wraparounds for people with low mobility and/or no bladder or bowel control.


1600mL Working Capacity


Waist 75cm - 120cm

Huge Savings on High Quality All-In-Ones - Discreetly Delivered to your Door

ConfidenceClub All-in-Ones are designed for maximum absorbency for daytime and nightime use. Protect clothing and bedding from moderate to high urinary leakage as well as faecal incontinence. Suits wearers that are less mobile or who require more care.

Medium Sizing:

This All-In-One is designed to fit waist sizes from 75cm to 120cm

This corresponds approximately to:

  • Women: Dress sizes 10 to 20
  • Men: Pants sizes 28 to 46

Absorbency: ~ 1,600ml capacity

Product Features:

  • High quality SAP & Virgin Wood Pulp ensures comfort and effectiveness in dealing with leakage
  • Double Core Absorption System increases absorption and keeps moisture away from skin
  • 3 Diffusion Channels disperses liquid more evenly through the pad 
  • Odour Reduction Control 
  • Soft Non-Woven Cotton like Top-sheet for additional comfort
  • Anti-Leak Barrier including around the leg openings
  • Water Proof Breathable Cloth-like back-sheet to aid with skin health
  • Refastenable Tapes Closure 
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Latex Free

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