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Continence pads and pants should help to prevent leaking onto clothing or into the person’s chair or bed. They can be used to contain small amounts of urine or bowel motions and should reduce the risk or infections, skin rashes and prevent odours.

If pads leak, the person should check the pad is being correctly fitted and is secure between the legs. The person needing the pad should not wear clothes which are too tight as they will have problems getting their clothes off when they need to go to the toilet. Their clothes should not be too loose because the pad may move. The pad should be a correct size, particularly if they are pull-on pants and should be absorbent enough to meet the person’s needs.

Pads which leak could be because the person needing them may be constipated so have excessive incontinence due to pressure from the bowel. Increased incontinence leading to increased leakage can also be caused by some medications such as diuretic medications (to increase their urine output) or sometimes from new medications which can cause increased bladder or bowel irritability. There can also be increased incontinence if the person has a urine infection.

Medical issues such as these listed above should be checked and discussed with the person’s doctor.

If pads and pants do not fit correctly the person needing them may need a review from a continence or registered nurse or may need to try sample of different pads.